SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification



The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (formerly known as The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy) is dedicated to providing analysis, information, and consulting on industry issues relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, email deliverability, and the Internet. ISIPP also provides a widely-used email senders accreditation service, SuretyMail, and organizes and sponsors industry forums such as email management roundtables, email deliverability summits, and Internet law conferences.

ISIPP’s customer service team prides itself on providing fast and effective customer service, helping our email accreditation customers to not only ensure that their email gets to the inbox, but also working with our customers when they have problems with email delivery, to quickly get to the bottom of what is causing the problem, and helping our customers to correct the problem and get back into the inbox. Our customer service reponse time is a particular point of pride, and distinguishes us in the industry as among the best at any price.

While we have many more individuals who work with ISIPP in varying capacities, the below are our core team, and those with whom you are most likely to be working when you become an ISIPP Suretymail customer.

The ISIPP Team:

Anne P. Mitchell Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., CEO

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq. is the CEO and President of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy. Anne has been involved in Internet policy issues, from both the legal and the technical side, since 1998. Mitchell was the Director of Legal and Public Affairs for Mail Abuse Prevention Systems (MAPS), the original anti-spam company. Following her time at MAPS, Mitchell was co-founder and CEO of Habeas before joining the Institute.

In her capacity at the Institute, Mitchell is involved with Internet policy issues ranging from email deliverability, to spam and identity theft, cyber bullying, and everything in between. She has advised state officials at the highest levels, and authored part of our Federal anti-spam law.

In addition to her duties with ISIPP, Mitchell is on the advisory boards of several email and Internet security companies, is on faculty at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, and sits on the California State Bar Cyberspace Law Committee.

Shannon Kellogg, Customer Service Manager

Shannon Kellogg joined the ISIPP team in 2009, when she signed on as an administrative assistant. Shannon transitioned to a position in customer service in 2010, and in the summer of 2011 took the position of Customer Service manager. She says that one of the things that she likes best about working daily with Suretymail customers is that “I’m constantly learning new things and still able to apply my talents and skills.”

Prior to joining ISIPP Suretymail, Shannon worked as a consultant to online businesses, and also spent nearly a dozen years arranging work, study and travel abroad for high school and college students. She adds that in working with Suretymail customers, she strives to provide timely, friendly and useful replies to their inquiries and as smooth an application process as possible.

When not helping our Suretymail customers, Shannon enjoys spending time with her son, and exploring California, to which they just moved, with her husband.

Rebecca Johnson, Executive Assistant

Rebecca Johnson is the executive assistant to the CEO, and you may also sometimes see her assisting with customer service. When working with customer service, says Rebecca, she likes to “provide the very best customer service possible to our awesome customers, in the very quickest time possible.” In fact, she says, one of the things she most enjoys about working with ISIPP is “reading the emails and testimonials from our oh-so-happy customers, and knowing that we all virtually work together as a team to make that happen!”

Before joining ISIPP, Rebecca spent eighteen years as a corporate marketing and event coordinator for such organizations as the Dallas Cowboys, Showtime Networks, and Nintendo.

Karthick Jagadeesan, Customer Service

Karthick Jagadeesan provides front-line customer service support for our customers and others who contact ISIPP Suretymail with questions about our services. Prior to coming on board with ISIPP, Karthick spent five years working as a Senior Tech Support Executive for Dell and HP.

When not working with Suretymail customers, Karthick enjoys spending time and playing with his new baby son.