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Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail is a service of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP). ISIPP is one of the founders of the email marketing industry, and was instrumental in the development and promulgation of the email best practices that email senders are required to observe. ISIPP continues to be dedicated to providing analysis, information, and consulting on industry issues relating to public policies and processes regarding spam, email, email deliverability, and the Internet. Our critically acclaimed Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail helps billions of pieces of email, sent by thousands of businesses around the clock, to avoid the junk folder and get delivered directly to the inbox. Our customer service team prides itself on providing fast and effective customer service, helping to ensure that our Get to the Inbox customers get their email to the inbox, and working with our customers with any problems that they may have with email delivery in order to quickly get to the bottom of what is causing the problem, and to correct the problem so that their email can get back into the inbox. Our customer service response time is a particular point of pride, and distinguishes us in the industry as among the best at any price.

Our Leadership Team

Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., CEO

Anne P. Mitchell, Attorney at Law, is the Founder and CEO of ISIPP. A graduate of Stanford Law School, Anne has been involved in Internet law and policy issues, from both the legal and the technical sides, since 1998. She was the Director of Legal and Public Affairs for Mail Abuse Prevention Systems (MAPS), the very first anti-spam company. Following her time at MAPS, she was brought in as CEO of Habeas, another anti-spam company. Upon leaving Habeas, she founded ISIPP. In her capacity at the Institute, Mitchell is involved with Internet policy issues ranging from email deliverability, to spam and identity theft, cyber bullying, and everything in between. She has advised state officials at the highest levels, and authored part of our Federal anti-spam law. In addition to her position with ISIPP, Anne is Professor and Dean Emeritus in Cyber Law and Cybersecurity at Lincoln Law School of San Jose, and Chair Emeritus at the Asilomar Microcomputer Workshop. She currently sits on the board of the Denver Internet Exchange (Denver IX). When not attending to her professional duties, Anne is an amateur gluten-free vegan chef, and maintains a website with her recipes.


Shannon Kellog

Shannon Kellogg, Customer Service Manager

Shannon Kellogg joined the ISIPP team in 2009, when she signed on as an administrative assistant. Shannon transitioned to a position in customer service in 2010, and in the summer of 2011 took the position of Customer Service manager. She says that one of the things that she likes best about working daily with SuretyMail customers is that “I’m constantly learning new things and still able to apply my talents and skills.” Prior to joining ISIPP SuretyMail, Shannon worked as a consultant to online businesses, and also spent nearly a dozen years arranging work, study and travel abroad for high school and college students. She adds that in working with SuretyMail customers, she strives to provide timely, friendly and useful replies to their inquiries and as smooth an application process as possible. When not helping our SuretyMail customers, Shannon enjoys spending time with her son, and exploring California with her husband.


Luis Lem Muñoz

Luis ‘Lem’ Muñoz, Technical Services Manager

Luis ‘Lem’ Muñoz has been involved in the technical side of the email world in general, and the deliverability and anti-spam industries in particular, for more than two decades. A highly respected member of the email community, Lem has held director-level positions, as well as being a Distinguished Engineer, at both registrars and email companies. Lem holds an engineering degree from the Universidad Simón Bolívar, and is a Certified Information Systems Security professional with the Information System Security Certification Consortium. In addition to his work with ISIPP, Lem runs his own SMTP email tunnel service, publishes papers on related subjects, and participates in several email industry consortiums and leadership groups.


Vinny Alves

Vinny Alves, Web Guru

Vinny Alves is the Founder of UseStrict Consulting and has been building Web Applications since 1998, specializing in WordPress since 2012. Having worked for companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems and the Brazilian Government, he understands the importance of a solid infrastructure and website. When not sitting in front of his laptop, he enjoys activities such as hockey, martial arts and scuba diving.

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