About the New Requirements for Sending Email to Google and Yahoo Taking Effect in 2024
Email personalization (i.e. personalizing email subjects and greetings) has become a widely used practice in email marketing. So it always surprises people to hear that personalizing email can actually hurt your email deliverability if not done well and carefully. Most mailing software these days will allow you to personalize email by putting someone's name in the subject line and salutation, and, not surprisingly, most commercial emailers take advantage of this. After all, using the recipient's name when addressing them seems like it should be a really good idea.
About the New Requirements for Sending Email to Google and Yahoo Taking Effect in 2024
We're always thinking about ways that we can boost our customers' deliverability and email reputation to previously unheard of heights. And, as we've mentioned recently, open rates are still important, not withstanding what some might say. That's because ISPs and inbox providers still look at your open rates to see if people are really interested in receiving and reading your email.
About the New Requirements for Sending Email to Google and Yahoo Taking Effect in 2024
Having a good email reputation is actually much more important than being on a whitelist. But lots of people still talk about trying to get whitelisted, and they are looking for information about how to get on an email whitelist. And indeed, getting whitelisted used to be the holy grail of email deliverability. Did you catch that? Used to be.
Some of you know that we have been quietly working on our Feed back Loop Reports service for a while now. Today, we are making it public! And not only that, but for a limited time, you can get our Feed back Loop Reports at a special price!
You may not have heard of drip email marketing, or email drip marketing, but I can assure you that you know what it is. You have either sent it, or received it, or in some other way come into contact with it. Wikipedia - not always the most reliable source, but in this case accurate - describes drip email this way: "Email drip marketing is a form of e-mail marketing where a company sends ("drips") email messages to subscribers on a scheduled basis established using e-mail marketing software."
Last week we talked about how if your email is not "mobile friendly", that is, if it doesn't render well on mobile devices, your email will not bring you the results for which you are hoping. And because once someone reads your email on their mobile device, they aren't as likely to read it on their computer, this is very important. Remember that open and click-through rates can directly affect your deliverability.
SilverPop has just announced their new "Share to Social" service, and it's a pretty interesting idea. Now, while tell-a-friend systems tend to invite users to spam their friends, encouraging a user to post your email on their own social networking profile page is very different. Of course, you don't need to use a special system to do that
About the New Requirements for Sending Email to Google and Yahoo Taking Effect in 2024
The results of two studies which looked at whether people are less inclined to be honest in email are out, and the answer is a big "yes". Based on these studies, at least, people tend to lie a lot in email. In fact, the two studies, published jointly as a paper entitled "Being Honest Online: The Finer Points of Lying in Online Ultimatum Bargaining", found that in their tests, subjects were likely to lie as much as 92% of the time!
We recently had a customer muse to us "I think there's got to be a phone number at the ISP that we could call, so we can ask them to explain the reason we are being sent to the junk folder." As most of you who read this probably know, well, there isn't such a phone number. But why not?

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