You know, sometimes it's the silliest, most boneheaded things which trip us up. This is true for your email too. See if you can spot the mistakes in this email (this is a genuine, unretouched email, other than our changing the name of the service to "Geegaw" in order to protect the hapless).
Microsoft Inbox Properties to Start Rejecting and Honoring P=Reject DMARC Policies
Here's why you should never send email "from" an email address that doesn't exist, and why an email address from which you send email needs to be real. Once upon a time somebody - somewhere - somehow decided that it would be good idea to send email to their mailing lists using an email address in their "From:" field that didn't really exist. But sending email "from" an email address that doesn't really exist is a spectacularly bad idea. In fact, it may even qualify as the Epic Fail of "from" email address ideas.
Failure to remove bounced email addresses, particularly hard-bounced addresses, will result in your email being blocked. That's because repeatedly sending to non-existent email addresses is taken by most inbox providers and other ISPs as a sure sign that either a) you are sending to very old lists, and you don't care, because you're a spammer, or b) you are sending to a list that you 'acquired' from somewhere else, so you're a spammer, or c) you're a spammer.
Why You Shouldn't Say that You Comply with the CAN-SPAM Act
One of the many things that we explain to people in our Email Deliverability Handbook is that while you must comply with the CAN-SPAM Act, you shouldn't say that you comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. This advice may seem counter-intuitive, however here's why.
Microsoft Inbox Properties to Start Rejecting and Honoring P=Reject DMARC Policies
It's hard to believe as we are closing in on 2023 that there are still email marketers and other bulk email senders who don't immediately remove people who unsubscribe from their list, but it's true. So this article is for those people who need to understand that you really really need to remove the email addresses of people who want to opt-out from your mailing lists as soon as humanly possible. Yes, even though CAN-SPAM gives you 10 days to do it!
One of our mottos is "In all things, be honourable." I demand it of our employees. We insist on it with our customers. I strive for it in my personal interactions. And I expect it of others in our industry. Unfortunately, and always to my surprise (as I am eternally pollyannic), my expectations for honourable behaviour among our colleagues and competitors are not always met.
Microsoft Inbox Properties to Start Rejecting and Honoring P=Reject DMARC Policies
Just mention the term 'DNS', and many email senders' eyes glaze over; say "reverse DNS" or "rDNS" and a look of panic may replace the glaze. Yet, not only are these not complicated concepts, but having reverse DNS set up is crucial to having consistent, good email delivery and deliverability. So it's important to have a good understanding of what DNS and reverse DNS are, and do.
Yesterday we talked about why you should give each of your customers their own IP address. But for various reasons, not everybody can do that - at least not right away - and so, as promised, today we are going to talk about segregating your outbound mail across different IP addresses based on opt-in quality.
Over at our email accreditation service, SuretyMail, we strongly urge our senders who provision or otherwise host their customers' outgoing email to give each customer their own outbound IP address.
Microsoft Inbox Properties to Start Rejecting and Honoring P=Reject DMARC Policies
Email cadence and how you schedule email to be sent is of crucial importance to both your email ROI and your email deliverability! Yet in all of the focus that email marketers, newsletter publishers, and other volume email senders put on tweaking their content, format, and other aspects of their email to help maximize deliverability and ROI, they often overlook the scheduling of their mailings, by which we mean when they send their mailings, and how often they send them. Yet this can have a seriously negative impact on your deliverability! Here then, are the top 5 mistakes that email senders make in their email cadence.

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