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While we know that there are obvious missteps to avoid when ensuring that your email is not marked as spam, there are some commonly overlooked practices, or lack thereof, that can still cause a legitimate email to be marked as such. One of the biggest mistakes that a well-intentioned organization can make is to not properly manage new subscribers. It can be a month after subscribing that a new user gets their first email, depending on how you set up your mailing list. By that time, there is a good chance that the subscriber has forgotten that they signed up to receive emails from you, and then they may very well mark your message as spam. To avoid this, send a welcome email as soon as possible – ideally immediately after they sign up, and certainly no longer than an hour or so after they sign up – containing:

o A welcome message
o Any appropriate links
o Information about how to subscribe, how to unsubscribe, and how to change their email address
o Tell them how often they will receive email from you, and what sort of email it will be
o If you are sending a sequence of emails, and they are coming in mid-sequence, you might also consider sending them the most recent message sent, as a “back copy”

Have a wonderful weekend!

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