List of GDPR Contacts for Each Country in the EU
Google has started sending notices of deactivating inactive Gmail addresses (actually they are going to deactivate dormant Google accounts, which includes Gmail accounts); and Yahoo posted a notice about deleting inactive mailboxes earlier this year. And if you don't pay attention to this it can, and likely will, hurt your deliverability.
List of GDPR Contacts for Each Country in the EU
We all know that email delivery problems are costly, and can damage your email reputation. But […]
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We are often asked how we can be so much lower cost an alternative to Validity, and it's because we do things like giving you email deliverability check information that you can do yourself to improve email deliverability, instead of charging you a bunch to do it for you. Actually today we're going to give you two email deliverability self-help tips. One of these is actually super-easy and seems obvious, yet we regularly get a surprised look from customers when we ask them whether they have done it already.
There's a lot of misunderstanding around domain reputation when it comes to email sending and email deliverability. Domain reputation is a thing, and it does relate to email and email deliverability, and it is important. For example, it is absolutely the case that if starts spamming, inbox providers are going to start putting's email in the junk folder, or maybe even block it altogether. But still, domain reputation is not what a lot of people think that it is.
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If you are looking for re-engagement campaign examples, look no further. Properly conducting an email re-engagement campaign, and following re-engagement campaign best practices, is critical to your email deliverability. One misstep and all of your email can start going to the spam folder, if not being outright blocked as "spam". In this article we outline the 6 steps to a successful re-engagement campaign. Then, once you have conducted your successful re-engagement campaign, it’s important to consistently email those re-engaged subscribers! We include a real-life re-engagement email campaign example, showing how doing this carefully, correctly, and following these points, can lead to success.
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We get asked "Why is my email going to the junk or spam folder?" all the time. Here is one of the most comment reasons that email gets sent to the junk folder, and what to do about it.
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You may be surprised to learn who comes out the winner in the plain text email vs HTML match. Whether you go plain text email or HTML can impact many things, including deliverability and engagement, which of course are the most important rates for your email campaigns. Digital marketing solutions provider Vendasta actually conducted research on which gets not just better deliverability, but better traction in terms of response when it comes to HTML vs plain text emails, and what they found may seem counter-intuitive. (In case you're not sure whether the email you are sending is HTML email, basically if it's not plain text, then it's HTML. Using a template? It's HTML. Using email stationary? It's HTML.)
List of GDPR Contacts for Each Country in the EU
Did you know that an automated out of office message (OOO messages) or autoresponder vacation message can hurt your email deliverability? In fact, there are a few different ways that those automatic out of office messages can hurt your email delivery, and for that reason, we advise you not to use them at all or, if you must, to use them very, very carefully.
List of GDPR Contacts for Each Country in the EU
Including attachments in email without first communicating to the recipient that you will be doing so can really get your email into trouble. This is true for all types of email, including transactional email, one to one email, email marketing, and other bulk email.
List of GDPR Contacts for Each Country in the EU
Having a good email reputation is actually much more important than being on a whitelist. But lots of people still talk about trying to get whitelisted, and they are looking for information about how to get on an email whitelist. And indeed, getting whitelisted used to be the holy grail of email deliverability. Did you catch that? Used to be.

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