ISIPP is very proud to announce that our SuretyMail offering has received the award for Best Software Company in Santa Clara, 2017. This Best of Santa Clara Award is an honor bestowed on companies by the the Santa Clara Award Program.
We've very excited to announce our free (yes, free) email deliverability toolbar for both Firefox and Internet Explorer! With this toolbar you can instantly access many of our free email deliverability assistance resource from anywhere on the Internet! Do an IP address lookup, check reverse DNS (rDNS), check various blacklists, and more!
Some of you know that we have been quietly working on our Feed back Loop Reports service for a while now. Today, we are making it public! And not only that, but for a limited time, you can get our Feed back Loop Reports at a special price!
I don't often use this venue to talk myself up - and in fact, I'm not going to talk myself up! BUT, three - count them, THREE - online outlets all featured me in the past 12 hours! I was featured in HARO (Help a Reporter Out), Meet the Innovators, and Inspire Me Today!
Starting today, Getting Email Delivered will be on a limited schedule, as I embark on a three-week business trip early tomorrow morning. My trip will see me getting delivered to Sacramento, California; Seattle, Washington - where I will be running the Internet Success Maker Group's fall workshop; and the San Franscisco - Palo Alto - San Jose area. If any of you are in Seattle or in the Bay area, and want to meet with me to talk about email deliverability (or hey, just to buy me a coffee!) drop me a note here!
We were recently interviewed for and featured in Email Marketing Reports. The interviewer, Mark Brownlow, asked a very interesting question - one with which we have struggled ourselves. The question was, essentially, "Why, when you offer so much of a better value than the other accreditation and reputation services out there, do you have such a low profile? Why don't more people know about SuretyMail email accreditation?" It's an excellent question - here's the answer.
I'm so excited to tell you that I am the featured luminary today over at Inspire Me Today! (Registration required, but it's free!)
Born from the need for an email platform for marketing professional campaigns, Target Box was initially used internally by an e-commerce company. After gaining experience from the internal model, Target Box was launched as its own entity providing service to other companies.
SuretyMail is happy to welcome Impact Analytics as our newest member! When we asked Tim Kaelin, CEO of Impact Analytics, LLC, to tell us a little about what his business does, he answered simply, "Impact Analytics makes money for online publishers." Partnered with a nationally known media sales company, Impact Analytics ensure their customers maximize their profits by helping their clients figure out how much content they should send relative to any advertising.
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