SuretyMail is pleased to welcome our newest customer: eContacting! eContacting facilitates the connection between small businesses, associations and individuals with their customers, clients and members by helping them create professional newsletters online quickly and easily.
SuretyMail is delighted to welcome SpellingCity, an educational website centered around spelling and vocabulary building for elementary, middle and high school students. Launched in 2008, SpellingCity offers practice tests, on-line vocabulary games and interactive learning, all free of charge!
Specializing in helping companies ensure their emails are delivered quickly and successfully, SocketLabs is a leader in their field with over 13 years of experience. Offering two on-premise software solutions and a hosted service, SocketLabs works with both bulk marketing and transactional email.
The number of businesses operating solely on-line has grown exponentially over the last few years. With needs that are quite different from a brick and mortar establishment, companies must find solutions that address their operative requirements. MarketiNet offers global e-marketing, specializing in web design, email marketing and search engine marketing and optimization.
SuretyMail is delighted to welcome software developer Web CEO to our email accreditation family. Web CEO, as described by Director of Marketing, Marina Savenkova, is a "software suite for webmasters and website owners to optimize their sites and promote them in search engines.
Considered the leader in their field, YLighting is the largest retailer and distributor of modern, high-end lighting, ranging from lamps and chandeliers to energy-efficient options. While YLighting offers both beautiful and functional fixtures, they understand that a successful business is based on more than a great product.
Watching your small, home-based business grow rapidly is exciting. It can also be daunting, in terms of having to figure out how to accommodate your increasing number of customers. Data Management and Solutions ran into that very problem when their database building and management company took off!
We are very excited to welcome the Jane Goodall Institute to our family of SuretyMail accredited […]
What a great way to start the week – getting to announce our newest free service: […]
If you either send or receive email in the course of business - and you probably do if you're reading this - then you need to have a written email archiving and email retention policy. And at least as importantly, you need to follow it. Religiously.
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