Attain Response is an email service provider (ESP) with a twist: in addition to offering traditional email services, they specialize in providing services for video email marketing! Describing their video MarketingF5 solution, “MarketingF5 is the most versatile video email marketing system on the planet as it is the only one that is compatible across all platforms – PC and Mac – and works in both FireFox and Internet Explorer.”

“Rich media email gets response rates that text and html email can’t,” explains Wade Weston, CEO of Attain Response.

However, sending out both video email marketing and corporate video communications had the potential to lead to special deliverability challenges for Attain Response. Their search for email deliverability assistance was driven primarily by two things: “One, to ensure we have top notch delivery, and two, third party validation,” says Weston.

Attain Response’s choice of SuretyMail email accreditation was, says Weston, based on “reputation and experience of the executive team. And a program that is easy to understand and implement.” Plus, he adds, “You guys offer the best value in terms of what we get in return for what we pay. We’d like people to know that SuretyMail provides top notch support, great value, and great delivery assistance.”

In addition to signing up for SuretyMail, Weston says that the one thing that Attain Response has done that has made the most difference in their email deliverability has been tracking and reporting to customers on their spam complaint rate. This is critical for ESPs to do, because it is often the customers who cause the complaints, and the customers who can get the ESP blocked or even black listed. Then the customer – unhappy with the poor delivery (which they caused) – moves on, leaving the ESP to hold the bag.

In addition to video email marketing, Attain Response offers business email hosting, professional level media hosting and publishing platforms, and a worldwide content delivery network.

You can visit them at

NOTE: Our customer showcases contain genuine interviews with SuretyMail customers. These customers have not received any money – or any special consideration – for their remarks.

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