Considered the leader in their field, YLighting is the largest retailer and distributor of modern, high-end lighting, ranging from lamps and chandeliers to energy-efficient options.  While YLighting offers both beautiful and functional fixtures, they understand that a successful business is based on more than a great product.  Says CEO Jeffrey Zwelling, “We’re the largest distributor of modern lighting, and we’ve got here by providing awesome customer service, and an excellent selection at a great price.”

When they started to receive reports that their transaction emails were getting bounced, YLighting took action in order to maintain the level of service for which they take so much pride.  YLighting chose SuretyMail email accreditation as their solution based on a recommendation.  While it was the referral that lead YLighting to look into SuretyMail, when asked what he would like people to know about SuretyMail, Zwelling said that it was “the ease of implementation and price” that sealed the deal.

SuretyMail also understands the importance of excellent customer service and takes pride in not only offering a superior product but an outstanding experience.  SuretyMail is delighted to have YLighting on board.  May we exceed your expectations as you have succeeded in doing with your customers!

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