Online Email Marketing and Related Businesses See Growth and Increased Profits with No End in Sight

SANTA CLARA, CA and BOULDER, CO – December 15, 2008 – The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) has seen an almost explosive growth in email marketing and related industries despite a full-blown recession and an uncertain future for some of the world’s largest industries such as the auto industry, mortgage companies and lenders, wireless companies, and even some Internet Service Providers. While there are Internet Service Providers who are also experiencing economic contraction and layoffs, according to recent CareerBuilder data, cyberspace continues to expand and in turn, booming alternatives are experiencing rapid employment growth.

“What we’re seeing is that the email industries are exploding with growth. In fact many companies are actually hiring. We’ve been saying all along that the Internet industries would be the growth industries in the next economic cycle, and it makes sense,” says Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP)

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