We’re very proud to have been selected to provide email deliverability services for the company that sends out emergency safety alerts for some of the largest public transportation systems in the country, as well as for several major airports, schools, and even 911 systems.

Here is the joint statement that was released, with all of the details. I apologize for posting two press releases this week, but as you can see we’ve been busy!

Emergency Alerts to Transit Riders, Schools and County 911 Systems Delivered by Email as MIS Sciences Corporation Teams Up with ISIPP SuretyMail

eAlert® Emergency and Public Safety Service Ensures Inbox Delivery with Top Shelf Email Accreditation Provider

BOULDER, CO & BURBANK, CA — December 22, 2008 — The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP), providers of the SuretyMail Email Deliverability and Accreditation solution, and MIS Sciences Corporation, providers of the eAlert® emergency public safety alerts system, have teamed up to provide an assured end-to-end delivery of emergency and safety email alerts to public transit users, schools, and users of county 911 networks.

MIS Science’s eAlert service offers a solution for the transit industry to provide their riders with instant notifications of service interruptions to email accounts, pagers, cellular phones, PDA’s, and other types of electronic devices. The transit industry also uses eAlert to alert their riders to emergency situations, such as the recent threat alert to the New York City subway system. Schools also use the eAlert service to provide a similar means of communications with their students and staff. The service is currently used by, among others, the New York, San Francisco, Massachusetts and Washington transit authorities; JFK, La Guardia and Newark airports; the Rockford, Illinois and Garland, Texas school districts; and several county-wide 911 emergency services systems.

“Ensuring maximum email deliverability for our eAlert emergency and public safety email notifications was of paramount importance to us, for obvious reasons,” explains Lauren Ross, CEO of MIS Sciences. “If our email is mistakenly tagged as spam, or sent to the junk folder, then it isn’t getting to transit riders, students or other users who need to see the alert. After much research, we selected ISIPP’s SuretyMail email deliverability solution to help ensure that we have the best email deliverability possible.”

“We’re honored to have been chosen by MIS Sciences Corporation and their customers to help maximize email delivery to the inbox for this very important email service,” said Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of ISIPP. “In fact, we’ve created a new classification in our email accreditation system for MIS Sciences and other email senders who send out emergency alerts, just so that ISPs and spam filters can instantly understand the nature of the email, and to help provide an extra layer of assurance that these alerts will make it to the inbox.”

ISIPP’s widely acclaimed email accreditation service, SuretyMail, works directly on behalf of their email sending customers with all of the major ISPs and spam filters to help ensure that legitimate email gets delivered directly to the inbox, and not the junk folder, as well to assist email senders when they have delivery issues. ISIPP SuretyMail also provides Feedback Loop monitoring and reports, help with setting up email authentication such as SPF and Yahoo’s DKIM, and assistance in assuring CAN-SPAM compliance. ISIPP CEO Mitchell, who sits on the California Bar’s Committee on Cyberspace Law, helped author part of CAN-SPAM.

“The New York Metropolitan Transit Authority has responsibility for 8.5 million riders, and 900,000 bridge and tunnel crossings, every day. And that’s just one of the dozens of transportation authorities and schools who use our eAlert service,” said Jeff Willis, Vice President of MIS Sciences. “The safety of millions of transit riders, students, and others, relies on our eAlert having optimum delivery to the inbox, and that’s why we chose ISIPP and their SuretyMail service. They are the best choice of all of the email deliverability, accreditation and reputation services out there.”

Added Willis, “We delivered over 12 million messages in the last week concerning transportation outages and delays in the north east (US and Canada), and they are getting delivered to the inbox because of SuretyMail.”

About MIS Sciences Corporation

MIS Sciences Corporation is a premier provider of web hosting, dedicated servers, colocation and Internet related services for both corporate America, and government entities. With clients on six continents, MIS Sciences Corporation has a proven track record in providing the services and support necessary to meet any need. eAlert is a registered trademark of MIS Sciences Corporation. For more information see http://mis-sciences.com/

About ISIPP SuretyMail

The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) develops and consults on Internet policies to both the public and private sector. ISIPP’s SuretyMail email deliverability and accreditation service helps to ensure that legitimate email is delivered to the inbox – and not the junk folder. Available to all legitimate email senders, SuretyMail currently helps more than 2 billion emails get delivered to the inbox every month.

Let us help YOU get to the inbox like we've helped these others!


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