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We were sad to hear of yesterday’s announcement of the closing of Goodmail. We all entered (created really) the email deliverability industry at around the same time – we all knew and know each other – and wished each other well. Goodmail had a good run, and a novel business model. We wish everybody there well.

We also would like to extend a special offer to all of the Goodmail customers who will now be needing an alternative to their Goodmail email deliverability service. Any current customer of Goodmail is welcome to apply for SuretyMail email accreditation, and we will take 50% off the application fee. This offer is good through 3/31/11.

To take advantage of this special offer, just be sure to check “Yes, we are a GoodMail sender” on our SuretyMail email deliverability application form. Again, this offer is good through 3/31/11.

For more information, see here to learn more about SuretyMail email accreditation.

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