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Lightening Fast Email Sending and Superlative Email Deliverability Combine to Provide Unparalleled Email Delivery Experience to Email Marketers and Volume Senders

Boulder, CO and Garnet Valley, PA – January 25, 2008 – The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) and SocketLabs, Inc. have announced that they have partnered to bring SocketLabs’ Hurricane Server customers the added advantage of top shelf email accreditation and whitelisting. Hurricane Server enables Windows shops to incorporate intelligent, high-throughput email delivery services into their existing infrastructure and applications, providing email senders with ultra-high speed email delivery. The addition of ISIPP’s SuretyMail email accreditation helps to ensure that their email is delivered to the inbox – and not the junk folder – once it arrives.

“The email accreditation services SuretyMail brings to the game enable our customers to rid themselves of one of their biggest email headaches, which is getting their legitimate, wanted messages into the inbox at the large ISPs,” said John Alessi President and CEO of SocketLabs. “The combination of the authentication standards offered by Hurricane Server and the accreditation services provided by SuretyMail enable legitimate emailers to get their mail through without the typical hassles. It is a very powerful combination.”

“ISIPP is delighted to be able to not only offer our SuretyMail email accreditation services to SocketLabs’ customers, but to be able to offer to all of our SuretyMail customers the opportunity to avail themselves of SocketLabs’ Hurricane Server with a generous partner discount,” said Anne P. Mitchell, President and CEO of ISIPP, providers of the SuretyMail Email Accreditation service. “Volume email senders will find that Hurricane Server’s built-in authentication support and high speed sending capabilities, coupled with our SuretyMail email accreditation service’s superlative deliverability enhancement, will assure them some of the highest, and most accurate, delivery rates in the industry.”

As a part of the deal, SocketLabs’ customers will receive a 10% discount on SuretyMail accreditation services. SuretyMail’s customers will receive a 10% discount, up to $1,000, on SocketLab’s Hurricane Server.

About SocketLabs

With deep roots in the development community, SocketLabs provides companies the ability to integrate enterprise level email delivery mechanisms into their existing in-house designed software and database systems on the Windows platform. Visit for more information.


The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) is a privately held corporation with offices in California’s Silicon Valley, and Boulder, Colorado. ISIPP provides email accreditation for email senders through its highly acclaimed SuretyMail email accreditation service, anti-spam resources for email receivers, and expert analysis and consulting services to legislators, governmental and regulatory agencies, industry leaders, and the press. ISIPP’s President and CEO, Anne P. Mitchell, Esq., also serves as Professor of Law at Lincoln Law School of San Jose. Mitchell is a graduate of Stanford Law School, and prior to joining ISIPP was an original founder of Habeas, Inc.. For more information see

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