After months in beta, and a soft launch, we are finally publicly announcing and launching our awesome Feedback Loop Reports service! I’m so very pleased with the response to this very useful service that is helping email senders stay on top of their spam complaints!

Here’s the press release:

Internet Policy Institute Launches Spam Complaint Feedback Loop Reports Service
Service Helps Email Senders Manage Spam Complaints Quickly and Efficiently

Boulder, CO and Santa Clara, CA — March 18, 2009 – The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) today announced the launch of Feedback Loop Reports, a new service that works with ISIPP’s flagship service, SuretyMail, to monitor user feedback loops and compile them into an easy-to-read, daily report.

Internet Service Providers (ISPs) currently allow email senders to sign up for feedback loops—a mechanism provided by ISPs to volume email senders to let them know when someone has marked their email as spam—so the sender can view a copy of each “this is spam” complaint. However, staying on top of the complaints and removing the people who don’t want to receive email from your mailing list can be an overwhelming, time consuming task.

“Email senders in general, and email marketers in particular, often don’t realize just how quickly spam complaints can kill the delivery of their email to the inbox,” explains Anne P. Mitchell, CEO of the Institute for Social Internet Public Policy.  “If they are getting spam complaints – and especially if they are not quickly attending to the spam complaints – the ISPs will start putting all of their email into the junk folder instead of the email inbox.  Our Feedback Loop Reports service gives them everything they need, at a glance, to quickly and easily stay on top of this critical aspect of their email reputation.”

ISIPP’s daily Feedback Loop Report, available in plain text, XML, or CSV files, provides users with the following data:

How many complaints you received for the day per ISP
The number of complaints per subject
The number of complaints per “From” address
The number of complaints per IP address
The unique ID of each email that generated a complaint (this helps users identify and remove complaining recipients)
Where possible, the email addresses of those who complained

Additionally, a second daily Feedback Loop Report is included free of charge with the daily Feedback Loop Report. This second report informs users about how many complaints they received at each ISP over the course of each of the past 30 days, so users can track their complaint trends. This added feature is invaluable for maintaining optimum and consistent deliverability with the ISPs.

Information gleaned from one’s daily Feedback Loop Report is essential, real-time, empirical data that can help users to improve their email deliverability and ultimately, their company’s bottom line. “This information is so crucial to the health of one’s email delivery that we are making this service – the only service of its kind anywhere in the world – available not only to our regular customers, but to anyone,” added Mitchell.

For more information on ISIPP’s Feedback Loop Reports, visit:

About ISIPP SuretyMail

The Institute for Social Internet Public Policy (ISIPP) develops and consults on Internet policies to both the public and private sector. ISIPP’s SuretyMail email deliverability and accreditation service helps to ensure that legitimate email is delivered to the inbox, and not the junk folder. Available to all legitimate email senders, and requiring no email bypass or rerouting, SuretyMail currently helps more than 2 billion emails get delivered to the inbox every month. For more information, visit:

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