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If you are a business or commercial email sender, you can’t help but have heard about the big issue with Yahoo that unfolded over this past week, having to do with Yahoo, DMARC, “p=reject”, and Yahoo’s rejection and bouncing of billions of pieces of email. But what does it mean for you, the commercial email sender?

For the most part, absolutely nothing. Because the issue is with email that has a from addess that is a address, but that is not originating through a Yahoo server.

In other words, Yahoo has set their DMARC authentication to p=reject, which tells the world “if this email comes from a address, but didn’t come through a Yahoo server, reject it.”

The big deal is that it broke a lot of Yahoo mailing lists, and made it so that email from people sending from a address, but through their own or another server instead of Yahoo webmail, bounced.

But as a business, you aren’t (or shouldn’t be) sending your business email from a Yahoo address anyways.


Now, that said, if you have customers who write to you from Yahoo addresses, they may not be able to email you. But from a purelyl ‘sending your own email’ standpoint, it should not affect you at all.

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