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Our CEO, Anne P. Mitchell, attorney at law, is available by private arrangement only, to consult with companies that need assistance with email issues, email law and policy concerns, and other matters for which businesses can use her special expertise. Consulting with Ms. Mitchell does not create an attorney/client relationship with Ms. Mitchell or with ISIPP, however Ms. Mitchell’s legal background – including being an author of CAN-SPAM – does make her uniquely qualified to consult on such matters.

Purchases of multi-hour consultation packages provide you with her services for as much time as you need up to and including the maximum period of time you have purchased.

NOTE: Consulting with Ms. Mitchell is available only by prior arrangement. If Ms. Mitchell has not already agreed to consult with you, do not purchase a consultation package. This is a private, non-public-facing page, and is only to be used by businesses already pre-approved for consulting with Ms. Mitchell.

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