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Email Academy – the Sessions

Email Academy

Everything you need to know to get your email marketing, newsletters,
and other email delivered to the inbox.

This package contains five Email Academy modules, along with a copy of the most recent edition of the Email Deliverability Handbook.

You will notice that the mp3 audio files included are from live audio, because we believe that the direct information, along with interaction from those with questions, is a great way to supplement written material. It’s like sitting in on a live class! You will also notice that with one or more of the audio sessions, the actual class starts a few minutes in to the file (in fact for Module 3, Blacklists, it starts at about the 15 minute mark owing to a glitch with the recording equipment – for that one we actually restarted the whole class so that you don’t miss anything!)

Your Email Academy package contains everything you need to not only troubleshoot and fix most email deliverability problems, but also to bring your email delivery – and even your open rates – to new heights!

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