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Email Reputation and Inbox Delivery Services

    What is Email Reputation Certification?

    ISIPP SuretyMail is one of only two companies in the world who do what we do: we certify the reputation of your email, and we help you get your email delivered to the inbox, instead of the spam folder. We also help with any deliverability issues! We have been doing this since 2003, and we know what we’re doing, which is why inbox providers trust us.

  • Need help with getting your email delivered to the inbox?

  • With blacklists? With email authentication?

  • Get our email reputation certification, accreditation & deliverability services TODAY!

  •     Only $299-$499 a month inclusive! (Unlike the other guys)
        No Time Commitment
        Money-Back Guarantee!


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How email reputation certification works (the brief version): While there are a few providers of email deliverability services out there, only two of us provide email reputation certification. Here’s how that works: Once approved, your IP addresses are added to our DNS zones (a zone is like a DNS database file). ISPs, spam filters, and other email receivers check our zones – in the same way that they check blacklists – before accepting email for delivery. If they find your IP addresses in our zones, they know that you are a legitimate mailer whose email should go to the inbox, and not be rejected, filtered or redirected as spam.

(Don’t have your own dedicated IP addresses? Then SuretyMail Lite is for you!)

  • Our servers get hit with over 25,000 queries a minute, and you can be sure that those ISPs and spam filters are looking for you!

  • This real-time map is showing all of the ISPs and spam filters checking with us RIGHT NOW to determine whether they should deliver your email to the inbox, or to the junk folder. Are you in our system? If not, you should be!

    What Else Do You Get with Our Service?
    In addition to our certifying your email reputation, all levels of SuretyMail come with our amazing, award-winning, hands-on (and hand-holding!) deliverability services! This includes our checking (and correcting if necessary) your various authentication mechanisms, going over your email onboarding methods to make sure that there are no problems there, and manually reviewing the email you are sending to determine what hidden issues may be affecting not only your delivery to the inbox, but also your open and click-through rates (no pawning that off on computer algorithms at SuretyMail)! There are other outfits which can do these particular non-certifying services for you, and you should definitely check them out. Then come back here after they give you a price quote, and you realize that you can get all of those services from our experts included in our low monthly, no-contract, money-back guaranteed fee, which is usually less than the cost of two hours of their time (and theirs is without reputation certification, which only we and ReturnPath can provide to you)!

    What are you waiting for?
    Are you frustrated that your legitimate email is being blocked? Sick of ending up in the junk folder instead of the inbox? Does reduced email deliverability cut into the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns, and your profitability?

    How do you get your email through in a spam-filtered world?

    With SuretyMail Email Reputation and Deliverability Services.

    “Anne Mitchell and the ISIPP SuretyMail team were very helpful
    and important for us turning the corner and seeing dramatic improvements
    in deliverability resulting is some impressive top-line gains for the email channel.”
    David Carpio, Director of Email Marketing, Zeeto

    “If you are an email sender, you need SuretyMail.”
    Joseph Tyler, CEO, Informz Email Marketing Solutions

    When you are a SuretyMail certified email sender, ISPs and spam filters know that they can count on the email that they receive from you to be wanted, legitimate mail, and never spam.

    “You have done WONDERS for delivery rates for one of our main clients.
    Open rates have at least doubled and in some cases tripled!”
    John Brogan, CEO, Global Intellisystems

    We’re helping our customers deliver billions of email every month. And we can help you, too. In fact, we guarantee it!

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    Our SuretyMail email reputation certification program is the only program of its kind that is available to all types of email senders, of all sizes. Large email corporation or small mom & pop Internet store, we can certify your email and get it delivered, unlike some of those other programs which are unavailable or unaffordable to smaller senders or to senders with legacy lists which may be squeaky clean, but which were not built by current process standards. (SuretyMail or Return Path – which one should we use?)

    “You are awesome! This is the type of service that I signed up for. Keep up the great work.”
    Chris Nagele, CEO, Newsberry

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    Our customers love our program because the ISPs and spam filters respect it (testimonials), and because it is hundreds-to-thousands of dollars a month less expensive than any other service of its kind, while still providing deliverability to the same ISPs and spam filters, as well as others which are not even included in those more expensive programs. (What’s it cost?)

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    “As an ESP we are always pushing to get the best possible deliverability for our clients. Being SuretyMail certified helps us further accomplish this goal.”
    Robert Burko, CEO Elite Email Marketing Software

    This real-time map is showing each new email’s point-of-origin as it is being looked up in our databases by ISPs, spam filters, and enterprise servers. SuretyMail certifies email from all around the world.

    We work on your behalf directly with all of the top ISPs, including Gmail, AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, Earthlink, and more! In addition, dozens of other ISPs and spam filtering programs trust and deliver our SuretyMail certified senders email, including:

    Mail Shell
    ISP Services
    CAS, Inc
    PO Box
    TriTech Assoc
    Spam Bouncer
    Pivotal Veracity
    Coast to Coast
    Server Authority
    WebPage Assoc.
    Partan Labs
    Chagres Tech.
    SCN Research
    Reasonable Software
    Interactive Networks
    Assoc. Nets
    Pay 2 Send
    Wirtualna Pl.

    ISPs and spam filters like and respect our program because it gives them the information they want about your email and mailing practices, because the information is accurate and in real-time, and because our program is free from the control of outside financial interests such as venture fund investors, stockholders, and others whose financial best interests in how such a program is run may not be completely aligned with the interests of those who rely on the program for their email processing decisions. In short, email receivers trust us. ISIPP’s CEO was an original founder of Habeas, and before that was the Director of Legal Affairs for Mail Abuse Prevention Systems (MAPS), and is a highly respected industry advisor and thought leader.

    Can we promise you that your email will never again accidentally end up in the junk folder? No, of course not. Nobody can promise you that.

    But we can promise you that our SuretyMail senders are very satisfied with what we do for them, and that you will be too. In fact, we are so sure of it that we offer a money-back guarantee, on top of our already low monthly fees and no time commitment.


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