Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail


How the ‘Good Senders’ List Works

Did you know that only two companies in the world certify email reputation to the inbox providers, and that we’re one of them? We’ve been getting our customers’ email into the inbox since 2003, let us help you get more of the email you send into the inbox too!

Here’s how being listed on the SuretyMail Good Senders List™ (GSL™) works:

After we process your application, and accept you into the SuretyMail program, we put the IP addresses through which you send your email into our system, which tells ISPs, spam filters, and mail servers that you are a SuretyMail certified sender, and that the email that you send is wanted email, and not spam. And that your email should be delivered to the inbox, not the junk folder.

To get more technical, we put your IP addresses into our DNS zones (you can think of them as databases), and ISPs, spam filters, and mail servers check our DNS zones of SuretyMail accredited senders, in real-time.

Here is how that works: ISPs, spam filters, and mail server software note the IP address that each and every email comes from, and checks it against the IP addresses that are in our zones. The presence of your IP address in our zones of SuretyMail accredited senders tells that ISP, spam filter or mail server “Hey, these are good senders.”

And all of this is done without you having to lift a finger! This is why you don’t have to switch how you send your email in order to get the SuretyMail advantage!



To see this in action, check out our wicked cool real-time maps of all of the inbox providers, ISPs, and spam filters that are looking up the email being sent to them right now, checking with us to help them decide whether they should deliver it to the inbox or the spam folder. If you send email, they are checking for you!

But that’s only part of the story, because when you are certified with SuretyMail you also get our award-winning support team who will work on your behalf with any inbox provider with whom you may be having delivery issues – all included with your monthly fee! So what are you waiting for? Let us start helping you today!