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Don’t have your own dedicated IP addresses? Do you send your email through an ESP or other emailing service? No problem! We can still help you to achieve superlative delivery into the inbox!

With our SuretyMail Lite service, you receive all of the same benefits, personal attention, assistance, and troubleshooting that our SuretyMail customers get from our support team.

As soon as you sign up for SuretyMail Lite we immediately start working with you to optimize your deliverability, and assist you with optimizing your delivery to the inbox, alerting you to any issues (both external, such as black listings, and internal, such content, domain, and other issues). Then we keep on top of this for you. We become your offsite email deliverability department, optimizing, alerting and troubleshooting your email delivery for you on an ongoing basis!

And just as with our SuretyMail service, there is no contract to sign, no time commitment, and our SuretyMail Lite service is covered by our guarantee!

    Only $249 a month inclusive!
    No Time Commitment
    Money-Back Guarantee!


This is the perfect solution for any business, large or small, that for whatever reason can’t use their own dedicated IP addresses.

Sign up now and put us to work for you!

After you sign up, be sure to watch for the SuretyMail Lite Questionnaire in your inbox! (It will come to your Paypal address.) Fill it out and return it to us, and we’ll get right to work for you!

Have questions? Just drop our support team a note and we’ll get right back to you!

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