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We’ve been in business since 2003, and we have customers who have stayed with us the entire time (we’re pretty proud of that; customer service and experience is everything to us, so when we have such long-term customers, even though they can leave at any time (no contract or time commitment), and even ask for their money back (our money-back guarantee), it means we must be doing something right!) But you can read for yourself what our customers are saying.

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Here are a few of our current customers (we have many more but we take our customers’ privacy very seriously, and when you sign up you get the choice whether or not we can each disclose our business relationship, so these below have agreed that we may publicly disclose that they are our customers).

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Nuanced and Intelligent Resource with High impact

June 9, 2022

As merchants our job is to inspire, educate, and motivate customers to purchase, however, first we need to reach them. All efforts in acquiring customers is for naught if email communications never make it to the inbox. I have nearly 40 years experience in DTC for national specialty retailers and was skeptical that any more could be gained by working with ISIPP SuretyMail. I was mistaken. SuretyMail has opened my eyes with regard to the value of authentication, static IPs, and even the internal structure of bulk mail content itself. I am now an independent operator, and every contact counts. Our list is a highly valued asset, and SuretyMail has provided context (why) as well as technical expertise and navigation (where and how) to make sure we meet our objectives during a complex business transition. I can’t imagine running our relaunch without ISIPP SuretyMail. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Liz Tagami

The EXACT help we needed!

December 1, 2021

We own a men’s coaching business and rely heavily on emails to communicate with our prospective clients. We thought we had everything set up correctly. We followed all the checklists. However, it was only after working with the team at SuretyMail that we discovered we were blacklisted by SORBS and our IP address was also hijacked and blacklisted. We would never have known these things and our email deliverability would have just deteriorated over time, which would have massively impacted our bottom line. We felt like we had a whole tech team behind us, which made this already difficult process much easier. We’re grateful for the quick responses from the team and the super helpful advice.

Samantha Nelson

My OWN Email is Finally Getting to Me

July 24, 2021

For the first time in a couple of years, my OWN email made it to my inbox. I’ve been using Mailchimp for several years. All that time, my OWN email went to my spam folder. To say it was frustrating is an understatement. Because of the spam issue, I’ve resisted growing my email list. After corresponding with Get to the Inbox for one hour, they gave me the tools I needed in order to keep my emails out of the spam box and get them into the inbox. I have been frustrated about emails and was blaming Mailchimp for so long. They helped me realize it wasn’t Mailchimp but, rather, I just needed a couple tweaks to what I was doing in order to get my emails seen by my list. Now I’m ready to build my list. Get ready, world, here I come.

Linda Sunshine West - WomenActionTakers.com

Open rates have improved by 6% - 13%

May 21, 2021

Get to the inbox has an amazing handbook for sale. I was fortunate enough to procure one at the end of April 2021. It is easily one of the most comprehensive guides to email deliverability I have seen in my years of business and digital marketing. Our firm has taken many of the advisories and integrated them into various client’s email campaigns. In particular we have focused on improving the success of reaching inboxes and improving open rates of information/ education style emails. Our delivery rates have improved variably across clients, depending on the industry and list type, but a safe average would an increase in deliverability of between 5% – 27%; depending on the client. The open rates have likewise improved by between 6% – 13%; depending on the client. We thought we had all the bases covered before reading the handbook but quickly learned that there were some points of improvement for us. I would highly recommend the purchase of this handbook and their team around your email deliverability.

Rory Atkinson, Strategic Director, VisualClickStudio.com

Open rates have at least doubled and in some cases tripled!

August 13, 2019

You have done WONDERS for delivery rates for one of our main clients. Open rates have at least doubled and in some cases tripled!

John Brogan, CEO, Global IntelliSystems

Dramatic Improvements in Deliverability

June 22, 2016

The ISIPP SuretyMail team were very helpful and important for us turning the corner and seeing dramatic improvements in deliverability resulting is some impressive top-line gains for the email channel.

David Carpio, Director of Email Marketing, Zeeto

It’s hard to argue against a double-digit percentage jump in deliverability in the first month!

August 1, 2013

I was probably the biggest skeptic out there; but SuretyMail has made me a believer. It’s hard to argue against a double-digit percentage jump in deliverability in the first month!

Cricket Wallace, IT Director, the Jane Goodall Institute, JaneGoodall.org

Since signing up with SuretyMail we have never had a problem delivering to any major ISP

May 26, 2010

In today’s email delivery market, it’s important to be able to let the ISPs and spam filters know that you and your customers are the good guys. Having your email erroneously blocked as “spam” can have a serious impact on everyone’s bottom line. Our business relies on being able to deliver our customer’s email to the inbox, and ISIPP’s SuretyMail accreditation has helped us to achieve superlative delivery rates. Since signing up with SuretyMail we have never had a problem delivering to any major ISP or through any major spam filter, and when a problem does crop up, ISIPP’s reputation in the industry has helped to fix the problem quickly and with minimal interruption to our email delivery. If you are an email sender, you need to be in the ISIPP SuretyMail program.

Joseph Tyler, CEO/President, Informz Email Marketing Solutions

You guys have helped us to increase our email deliverability and increase our sales because of using your service

March 23, 2010

I am writing from Omnistar Email Marketing Software and we use your service and I just wanted to thank you for the excellent customer service you have provided my for the last three years. I had a few questions when I signed up and you guys got back to me as soon as possible and you guys have helped us to increase our email deliverability and increase our sales because of using your service.

Tariehk Geter, CEO of OmnistareTools.com

Highest Degree of Deliverability for Least Amount of Hassle

November 23, 2008

Because our customers are sending rich media to the inbox, it is critical that we be able to let ISPs know that this is legitimate, requested email. ISIPP’s SuretyMail program allows us to do that with the highest degree of deliverability for the least amount of hassle.

Wade Weston, Founder, AttainResponse.com


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