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Why Choose SuretyMail?

Did you know that only two companies in the world certify email reputation to the inbox providers, and that we’re one of them? We’ve been getting our customers’ email into the inbox since 2003, let us help you get more of the email you send into the inbox too! Learn how it works here.

Which Email Reputation Certification Service Should We Use?


It can be a little overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out which email reputation certification service you should use, even though there are only two of us out there. In some ways, the services are similar; in fact ISIPP SuretyMail’s CEO and one of the architects of our SuretyMail service was an original founder of Habeas, which was acquired by ReturnPath (which in turn has been acquired by Validity).

However there are some important differences. For example, SuretyMail doesn’t require you to go through an audit, to sign a multi-paged contract, or to make a time commitment – something that the other services do (we also offer a money-back guarantee, something that the other services don’t do).

We’re also a lot less expensive. In fact, we are so much less expensive that sometimes people are confused by the difference!

The reason that we can charge so much less for a comparable (we would say superior!) service is that we only do one thing, and we do it very well. We help you get your email delivered. For example, we don’t offer delivery monitoring. There is a world of difference between getting your email delivered, and monitoring to see if it made it into the inbox. Anybody can set up a few free email accounts and check to see if your email campaign was delivered to those accounts. In fact, many senders do it for themselves.

Other differences between the services include:

  • Our fees are based on your business model, not on the volume of email that you send. This means that whether you are a giant email service provider, or a mom and pop newsletter, we have a rate that you will be able to afford. And you won’t be penalized as your email volume grows along with your business.
  • ISIPP SuretyMail is a privately held organization, meaning that our SuretyMail program has no venture funding or other outside monetary interests driving it. This means that the administration of the SuretyMail program is completely free of outside financial influences. This is important for you because it means that ISPs and spam filters know that each sender certified through us is there entirely on their own merit, and so they trust us, and they trust our senders. As a result, by their own account, our email senders enjoy some of the highest deliverability rates in the industry.
  • Because of our unique reporting system, we can provide these high deliverability rates without requiring that you use a confirmed (double) opt-in system in order to participate in our email reputation service. What matters is how clean and spam-free your system is, not how many hoops you’ll jump through. This means that solid, legitimate legacy lists can still qualify for SuretyMail certification, even if they were not built using double-opt in.
  • And because we take our role to facilitate the delivery of wanted email seriously, and because of our affordable pricing, we are the only service which openly welcomes and works with newsletters, smaller publishing houses, individual publishers and mailing lists.
  • We are flexible while never compromising our standards, and are willing to work with both senders and receivers with special requests. When one of the largest email senders in the United States needed a version of a certification list which served up domains, complete with sub-domains, rather than IP addresses, we had one up and running for them within the week. And that service is now included at no extra charge to all of our SuretyMail accredited senders.
  • Our optional triple-check system serves to prove that the email you send really comes from you, which is an important fringe benefit in these times of phishing and domain spoofing.
  • There is no time commitment, and we offer a money-back guarantee! SuretyMail participation is month-to-month, and the cost is so reasonable that it costs less to give it a try for a month than it costs to even just apply elsewhere. Try getting that kind of flexibility from the other services!
  • It takes less than five minutes to fill out our online application, and another ten minutes to provide us with the follow up information once approved. In the vast majority of cases, once you are approved your listing will happen within 30 minutes, with nothing to do on your end but sit back and enjoy immediately improved email deliverability.

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