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We often get asked what email service providers (ESPs) we recommend. In fact it’s one of our most frequently asked questions. We get it, we’re in a unique position because we have a view into the email sending reputation of most of the ESPs, whether we certify them or not. Some we certify, some we don’t, and some we wouldn’t.

Now, our recommendations are just that – recommendations. They are our opinion, based on all of the information available to us. That said, we have insights into the reputation of ESPs (those we will certify, and those we will not) that are not available to most email senders.

Note: If we certify an ESP then that means that we know the following things about them (because they are required in order to be certified):

  • They are following all best practices
  • They make sure that their customers are following all best practices
  • They care about their own sending reputation
  • They care about the sending reputation of their customers
  • They handle spam complaints quickly and correctly

Email Service Providers (ESPs) that We Recommend

Some of the ESPs that We Recommend and that are Certified with Us

Constant Contact
DMS Management
eMail Platform
Klick Tipp
Surf Merchants

ESPs that We Do Not Recommend

You may be disappointed, but we’re not going to badmouth colleagues here, even if they have a bad sending or spam reputation. But what we will say is that we are aware of all of the same ESPs as are you, and many more. Some ESPs have issues that may be something as simple as they are currently having problems with spammers using their system and once they clean it up they will be listed but are working to clear it up, to something as serious as being blacklisted for poor practices or looking the other way as long as spammers give them money.

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