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ISIPP has its roots in the email receiving industry. ISIPP SuretyMail’s CEO, Anne P. Mitchell, was the in-house counsel for MAPS and the RBL, prior to founding Habeas in an effort to help email receivers be able to identify email which was guaranteed not to be spam and suing spammers who attempted to game that system. After leaving Habeas, Anne founded and joined ISIPP, creating a neutral place where email receivers and email senders could come together to deal with Internet public policy and email delivery issues. In fact, SuretyMail (formerly known as our IADB Email Senders Certification Program) was developed at the request of industry receivers wanting such a program to be administered by a neutral organization whom they could trust to understand receivers’ needs and to keep the receivers’ best interests at heart. This is why our program is not a whitelisting program per se, but rather a “here is the factual information you want about this sender” program.

Access to our sender certification data is free, and always will be. After all, one of the primary purposes of our certification program is to provide you with information which makes it easier to make your email acceptance, processing, and delivery decisions.

In addition, we are happy to create custom data codes, and even complete custom zones for you at no charge! An example of a custom data code which we have created for a spam filter is:

“ – The only email which comes from this IP address is mailing list email, and that mailing list email is entirely confirmed (double) opt-in”

An example of a custom zone would be one which contains all IP addresses of all ISIPP certification senders who score a 30 or above in the IADB2, or one which contains all IP addresses of all ISIPP certification senders who use only confirmed opt-in and who publish an authentication record. Such a zone would be available for you at

Our data is available to you both for direct DNS query, and via zone transfer. If you are going to be making substantial queries, we ask that you consider performing a zone transfer, and making your nameserver a secondary slave to our master zone. While we do not charge you to access our data, it does cost us to maintain it, and by transferring the zone rather than querying our zones, you help us to keep that overhead down just a tiny bit.

To access our data, which, again, is always free to you, please fill out this very short and simple form here.

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