Querying the Good Senders List (GSL), also known as the IADB, is free for email receivers such as ISPs, IBPs (inbox providers) and spam filters. It always has been, and it always will be. We view our job as being to help email receivers to be able to quickly separate good email from questionable email, so that their spam filtering resources aren’t spent or diverted dealing with email that is otherwise known to be ‘good’. It makes sense that this is one of our core missions, as our founder and CEO was in-house counsel for the original anti-spam blacklist (MAPS) and wrote part of our Federal anti-spam law (CAN-SPAM).

You can query the IADB GSL at our free query tool, or directly at iadb.isipp.com.

If you would like to request a zone transfer so that you can query the IADB GSL locally, or if you would like to request the creation of a custom zone, please email us here.

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