These tools are provided free of charge, and you don’t even have to be a SuretyMail customer in order to use them!

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ROI Calculator

Did you know that on average over 20% of marketing email never makes it to the inbox?
If you rely on email as part of your business, that means that your revenue is being tossed into the junk folder, or disappearing into the ether. Use this handy ROI calculator to determine whether having SuretyMail help you increase inbox delivery will pay for itself – we’re betting that it will, big time.

Personalized Whitelist Instructions Generator

This whitelist instructions generator will create a personalized set of whitelisting instructions to send out to your mailing list, and to which you may also link.
(Create your free whitelisting instructions now!)

Reverse DNS (“rDNS”) Checking Tool

Reverse DNS (also known as rDNS) means “to what domain does this IP address map?”.
With this tool you can check any IP address and see what, if any, domain (web address) it is mapped to.
(Check out our free rDNS tool.)

Check to See if an Email Sender is Accredited with SuretyMail
This free tool allows you to check to see if a particular email sender is accredited with us. All you need is the IP address from which they are sending.
(Check to see if an email sender is accredited with SuretyMail.)

Report Spam from a SuretyMail Accredited Email Sender

We don’t allow our SuretyMail accredited senders to send any spam at all, and if you have received something from an email sender who is accredited with us that you feel to be spam, we want to know!
(Report spam here.)

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