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Personalized Whitelist Instructions Generator

Did you know that only two companies in the world certify email reputation to the inbox providers, and that we’re one of them? We’ve been getting our customers’ email into the inbox since 2003, let us help you get more of the email you send into the inbox too! Learn how it works here.

This whitelist instructions generator will create a personalized set of whitelisting instructions to which you may link – the link will always work so that you may use it in your communications. (Read What is an Email Whitelist.)

This is a free tool maintained by SuretyMail; the instructions for each email provider are contributed by users, and we update the page whenever we get a new contribution. To contribute a new or updated whitelisting instruction, email us at

These instructions will tell those with whom you correspond by email how to whitelist your email, so that it goes to their inbox instead of their junk folder. Instructions for AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Postini, Outlook, and others, are included.

Even email senders experiencing the highest level of deliverability can only be sure that their email is getting through to the ISPs themselves. Once the email gets to the users and their email program (such as Outlook), the control over what happens to the email at that point is now in the hands of the user. For example, our SuretyMail email accreditation customers experience some of the highest deliverability available today, however nobody, not even us, can reach through the computer to the end user’s local PC and ensure that the email doesn’t go to their local junk folder.

Junk email filtering is something over which the end user exercises control, and it is not perfect. Different programs have differing susceptibilities to false flags (known as “false positives”). For example, some filters will put any email with a Paypal link into the junk folder; other filters, once email from a particular sender has gone into the junk folder once, will put email from that same sender into the junk folder every time until the user trains it not to.

However, generally speaking, whitelisting will overrule any other factor which would otherwise put your email in the junk folder. And that’s why it’s imporant to take the step of asking the people to whom you send email to whitelist your email address. Our personalized whitelist instruction generator makes it easy to do this.

This whitelisting instructions generator is very easy to use, and we offer it free of charge to everyone, whether you are a SuretyMail customer or not. Once you have created your instructions, you can link to your whitelisting instructions page (the link will always work, it is your permanent whitelisting instructions page), and you can also copy and paste the instructions anywhere you’d like.

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