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Did you know that on average nearly 20% or more of marketing email never makes it to the inbox? (Hard to believe? Google “average email deliverability to inbox”.) If you rely on email as part of your business, that means that your revenue is being tossed into the junk folder.

Use this handy ROI calculator to determine whether having SuretyMail help you increase inbox delivery will pay for itself – we’re betting that it will, big time.

If you are in the EU, please use this calculator Click Here

Based on the information that you have provided, for SuretyMail services at per month, your potential monthly return on investment is

Of course, that would be with 100% deliverability, and nobody can promise you 100% inboxing. But we do promise that you will see an increase in your inbox delivery, and we are so sure of that, we guarantee it!

By the way, if you didn’t know your actual percentage of email that goes to the junk folder or that is otherwise not delivered to the inbox, we highly recommend checking out our partner, MailMonitor for help monitoring your inbox versus junk folder rates.

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