Here’s a hard truth: it doesn’t matter how great the email that you send to your lists, to your customers, or to your leads is, if it doesn’t get to their inbox. Do you know how much of the email you send gets to the inbox instead of the spam folder? If it isn’t at least 90%, then not only do you have a growing problem, but you are leaving money on the table! You’re already making the effort to create and send your email, don’t you want to make sure that it gets to your audience?

Who needs an email tune-up?

  • Ecomm and online stores
  • Large brands
  • Boutique brands
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Newsletters
  • Everyone!

      My OWN Email is Finally Getting to Me

      Rated 5 out of 5
      July 23, 2021

      For the first time in a couple of years, my OWN email made it to my inbox. I’ve been using Mailchimp for several years. All that time, my OWN email went to my spam folder. To say it was frustrating is an understatement. Because of the spam issue, I’ve resisted growing my email list. After corresponding with Get to the Inbox for one hour, they gave me the tools I needed in order to keep my emails out of the spam box and get them into the inbox. I have been frustrated about emails and was blaming Mailchimp for so long. They helped me realize it wasn’t Mailchimp but, rather, I just needed a couple tweaks to what I was doing in order to get my emails seen by my list. Now I’m ready to build my list. Get ready, world, here I come. – Linda Sunshine West –

Why are we the right service to give you an email tune-up?

Well for starters, we know what the heck we’re doing, and we’re one of the few services to offer an email tune-up no matter the size of your business (in fact smaller businesses often need it even more than larger businesses, because they rely so much more on email to bring them sales).

Second, as the original email deliverability service and a founder of the deliverability industry, we know what the inbox providers want and expect from you.

And third, because we are offering this as a genuine service to you, to help you make sure that your email is getting where it needs to go. We could charge hundreds of dollars for this service, but we are asking only $49, just to cover our own costs.

Here’s what you get with your email tune-up:

We analyze your email to identify any issues ‘under the hood’ that may be keeping your email from getting to the inbox, including your email authentication (SPF, DKIM, etc.), your rDNS and other DNS settings.

We check to determine whether you are on any blacklists and, if so, assist you in getting removed from any blacklists that you are one.

We review the content of your email and let you know about any content issues that may be hampering you getting to the inbox, and contributing to your going to the spam folder or the promo tab.

We make sure that there are no hidden ‘gotchas’ that may be causing you to have less than incredible delivery to the inbox, such as spam complaints, perceptions of your list building methods, etc..

In short, we help you make sure that people are actually seeing your email!


Yes! I need an email tune-up!

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