SuretyMail Email Reputation Certification


Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail Partner Program

Do you work with or consult to businesses who want to keep the email they send from going to the junk folder? You can offer them a discount on our services when you become a Get to the Inbox partner; or, if you prefer, you can receive an appreciation payment for referring them to us!

Here’s a taste of the things that we do for your clients and referrals: we help to ensure that everything about their email is positioned for optimized delivery to the inbox, and to keep their email from going to the spam or junk folder (or, worse, being blacklisted, blocked, or banned). We do this in several ways, including making sure that their authentication is set up properly, analyzing their email, auditing their processes and methods, and making recommendations as to how to improve the underpinnings of their email so that it passes the spam checks with flying colors. Then we continue doing regular reviews and check-ups of the health and reputation of their email, letting them know when adjustments or tweaks need to be made to keep up with the ever-changing spam filter landscape.

And, if they have their own IP address (or can get their own IP address) we will add them to our Good Senders list, which the inbox providers honor, and which is also built into various spam filters. This is called “email reputation certification” and we are one of only two companies in the world who offer this.

The only hard and fast requirement for our being able to help someone is that they cannot be doing what is sometimes known as “cold email”, meaning that they put people on their mailing lists that have not opted in, OR that, if they are doing cold email, they are willing to stop and move to a true opt-in model. This is because cold email is illegal in most countries, and it is a violation of the Terms of Services of all email-related services in all countries.

The Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail Partner Program is simple and straightforward, and offers two options:

1. For any business client that the partner recommends sign up for our services, the partner can extend to them a $100 discount on our application fee; or

2. If the partner refers someone to us, and they apply and their application is accepted, the referring partner can receive a $100 appreciation payment.

These options apply to each referral, so the partner may choose to offer a discount to one client, and to receive the appreciation payment for another. The discount is in the form of a partner-specific code which the referred client enters at the time of applying. The appreciation payment is sent to the referring partner once their referred client as been accepted into the program, and paid for their first month of services.

To join us as a Get to the Inbox partner, send email to