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Get 1-on-1 Email Marketing Consulting and Coaching

Our CEO, Anne Mitchell, meets with individual consulting and coaching clients on a limited basis. Calls are by phone, and last up to 45 minutes, during which clients receive practical, actionable recommendations. Most people find that one session is all they need.

Ms. Mitchell’s coaching rate is $299 for the initial session, which also includes a copy of the Email Deliverability Handbook (a $59.00 value), and access to our library of private information which includes How to Build Your Email List, How to Create a Great Lead Magnet, How to Collect Email Addresses from a Facebook Group,
and How to Stay Out of the Gmail Promo Tab, as well as access to and use of our personalized whitelisting instructions generator (for the people you send email to).

If additional sessions are needed (often they are not) the rate is $199 per follow-up session or $749 for a 5-followup session package.

Initial Consulting or Coaching Session

Schedule an initial consulting or coaching session for $299


Consulting or Coaching - Single Follow-up Session

Coaching or consulting single follow-up session: $199 for 45 minutes.


Consulting or Coaching Follow-Up Sessions: Pack of 5

Consulting or coaching follow-up sessions: pack of 5