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Did you know that if you do cold email the wrong way it can not only ruin your email reputation, and  your delivery to the inbox, but it can even get you in trouble with the law?  And it will definitely get you in hot water with the inbox providers, and whomever you are using as your email service provider (ESP).  In fact, even in the best case scenario, the way that cold email is typically done gets it tagged as spam.

But there is a way to do cold email right, and we’re going to teach you how!

In our How to do Cold Email Right mini course you will learn:

  • How to avoid getting in trouble with your cold email
  • How to do cold email the right way
  • How to develop your list of cold email targets
  • What to say in cold email to get results
  • How to find the right leads for your cold email
  • And even…

  • How to find the email addresses of your cold email targets

We have been involved in the email marketing and deliverability industry since before it was even an industry.  In fact our CEO was the one who invented the term ‘deliverability’!  We literally wrote the book on email deliverability, and we’ve been getting our clients’ email delivered directly to the inbox since 2003.  We also were involved in developing and defining email marketing best practices and guidelines. Not only that, but our CEO also wrote part of the Federal email marketing law in the United States.

In short, we are uniquely qualified to tell you how to do cold email right.

And right now you can grab our 6-part How to do Cold Email Right mini course for our special launch price of just $49.00.  (You read that right – just forty-nine dollars!)

So get in on this phenomenal price for this valuable information now!

Yes! I want to learn how to do cold email right!

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We’re so sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with this course that we guarantee it 100%! If at any time you decide that you are not satisfied with the results you get from our mini-course, just let us know and we’ll refund your payment in full!

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