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Yes, you really can make text message spammers (SMS spammers), robocallers and phone spammers pay you money. Good money! Up to $1500 for every single message that they send you, using our kit! That’s because the law is very clear about this, with built-in automatic fines. And guess what! You don’t even have to sue them to get paid, because those spammers also know what the fines and penalties are, and that they would absolutely lose if it went to court. As a result, if you know what you are doing (and you will with our kit!), you can get them to pay you off because they don’t want to go to court and have to pay lawyers, and they don’t want to risk the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and other law enforcement agencies finding out what they are doing.

Everything you need to start making those spammers pay is in this kit, and this method gets immediate results! This is the method we use ourselves, and in fact in the past year one person on our staff recovered over $6000 from text message spammers, and that was with just a few hours of effort!

Our “How to Make Phone and SMS Spammers Pay You” kit includes step-by-step directions, a copy of the actual Federal law, and a demand letter template written by an attorney. Everything you need to get started going after those dirty, rotten text message spammers and phone spammers and make them cough up some of the money they are making from their spam, and give it to you!

At only $59.00, with each payoff being at least several hundred dollars, we think that it’s the price that ought to be illegal. ;-)

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