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Blocked Email? Need Help with Email Deliverability? Let SuretyMail help!

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Are you an email sender who is frustrated that your legitimate, requested email is being blocked, or ending up in the junk folder instead of the inbox? Does reduced email deliverability cut into the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns, and your profitability?

How do you send legitimate email in a spam-filtered world?SM


When you are a SuretyMail accredited email sender, ISPs and spam filters know that they can count on the email that they receive from you to be wanted, legitimate mail, and never spam.

"You have done WONDERS for delivery rates for one of our main clients. Open rates have at least doubled and in some cases tripled!"
- John Brogan, CEO, Global IntelliSystems, customer since November, 2005

That's because being SuretyMail accredited allows you to let email receivers know that your mailing policies, processes and practices are on the up-and-up, and that you care about the image that the email you send presents to the world.

In real-time. With each email transaction.

And that's why dozens of email senders rely on us to help them deliver over 1,400,000,000 (yes, you read that right, 1.4 billion) pieces of email a month.

"If you are an email sender, you need to be in the ISIPP SuretyMail program."
- Joseph Tyler, CEO, Informz Email Marketing Solutions, customer since March, 2004

The SuretyMail program (formerly known as the ISIPP IADB Email Senders Accreditation Program) is the only true email accreditation program of its kind which is widely available to email marketers and other email senders. Most other programs are

email reputation or email whitelist programs, telling email receivers such as ISPs and spam filters that they should accept email from the program's senders because the sender has paid them a lot of money, or put up a financial bond. Some of these other programs are also unavailable to smaller senders, such as newsletter publishers, or to senders with legacy lists which may be squeaky clean, but which were not built by current process standards. (Habeas, ISIPP, Bonded Sender - which one should we use?)

SuretyMail, on the other hand, gives the receivers what they really want to know. Rather than telling ISPs and spam filters that they should accept your email because we say so, we actually give the email receiver all of the good information about your mailing practices, each and every time they check with us before processing your email. This lets the ISP, spam filter, or other email receiver know that they can safely accept and deliver your email, because they can tell in real-time that your email is legitimate, wanted mail.

"You have by far the smartest and most responsive firm going"
- John Brogan, CEO, Global IntelliSystems

Email senders like our program because email receivers like it (testimonials), and because it is hundreds-to-thousands of dollars a month less expensive than any other reputation or accreditation program, while still providing deliverability to the same ISPs and spam filters, as well as others which are not even included in those more expensive programs. (What's it cost?) And with our delivery monitoring service through partner Delivery Monitor, you can have it all - a complete package - for just a fraction of what the other guys charge.


Email receivers, such as ISPs and spam filters, like our program because it gives them the information they want about your email and mailing practices, because the information is accurate and real-time, and because our program is free from the control of outside financial interests such as venture fund investors, stockholders, and others whose financial best interests in how such a program is run may not be completely aligned with the interests of those who rely on the program for their email processing decisions. In short, email receivers trust us. ISIPP's CEO was an original founder of Habeas, and before that was the Director of Legal Affairs for Mail Abuse Prevention Systems (MAPS), and is a highly respected industry advisor and thought leader.

Which ISPs and Spam Filters?

We work directly with all of the top ISPs (AOL, Yahoo, etc.) on your behalf. In addition, the following is a partial list of ISPs and spam filters which have signed on to use our SuretyMail accreditation data.

ISIPP is Proud to be an Official Non-Profit Accreditor for AOL

Sprint | SBC | SpamAssassin | SpamCop | GoDaddy | SECNAP | Clearswift | Sonic | Snet | Postini | Mail Shell | SURBL | Declude | MessageGate | SprintLink | Vircom | Excedent | SpamBouncer | Outblaze | SpamCheck | ISP Services | CAS, Inc | Calweb | ETRN | PO Box | Saunalahti | Westman Communications | IronBay | Pivotal Veracity | Prolocation | MNGI | Biglist | Barnet | GITK | Openminds | OLS | | Server Authority | Fastnet | Asarian | Partan Labs | CECOM | Chagres Technologies | SCN Research | Siglan | OpenMinds Internet | Web Page Associates | Coast to Coast Hosting | Prolocation | Associated Networks Ltd. | Australian Public Access Network Association (APANA) | Pay 2 Send | Clue | Taughannock Net | Uniwares | Bottomline Technologies

*These are just a few of the receivers signed up to use ISIPP's data to help them in making email acceptance, processing and delivery decisions. Many sites accessing the IADB have not given permission to have that information disclosed. What we can say is that our customers enjoy superlative delivery rates with all major ISPs and spam filters.

Can we promise you that your email will never again accidentally end up in the junk folder? No, of course not. Nobody can promise you that.

But we can promise you that our SuretyMail senders are very satisfied with what we do for them, and that you will be too. In fact, we are so sure of it that we offer a money-back guarantee, on top of our already low monthly fees and no time commitment.


Or for more information send email to our SuretyMail team.