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The below list is a list of spammers who have spammed us personally and thus landed in our Spammer Hall of Shame. If they appear on this list, you can know with certainty that they have spammed us, and we have that spam in hand. What you do with this list is up to you.

We use the generally accepted definition of spam, which amounts to “you put our email address on a mailing list without consent”.

*Note: we do not accept submissions, to get on this list someone has to have spammed someone at ISIPP personally and, usually, repeatedly.

The ISIPP List of Known Spammers

Spam received most recently listed first. A * denotes a frequent, unrepentant spammer.

nue.life | he***@nu*.life
wesponsored.com | May | ma*@we*********.com
startsmallthinkbig.org | Nicolette Valiere | vo*******@st****************.org
safenetexperts.com | Tommy Davis | To*********@sa************.com VIA LemList* at back1.lem.ovh
inkprosper.com | Greggory ‘Greg’ L. | gr******@li*********.com
Geekhausgroup.pro | Leonard Scheiner | le*****@ge***********.pro
T-Post.com | Peter Lundgren | pe***@t-****.com
Clearwellness360.com * | Greg Brauser | of****@cl**************.com
Clearprobiotics.com * | Greg Brauser |of****@cl**************.com
Sendworks.io | Trevor Hatfield | tr****@se*******.io
Clutterfreecasa.com | co*****@cl*************.com
Sgsmails.com | Jeff Roy | je******@sg******.com
Websitemakings.com * | Sheryl Abraham | sh****@we************.com
Websitemakings.com * | Becky Schmitz | be***@we************.com
Websitemakings.com * | Daniela Garcia | da*****@we************.com
Readmobilemarketing.com | Amanda Read | am****@re*****************.com
Graymoonmedia.com * | Dave Barnett | in**@gr***********.com
Launchpreneur.io | Rick Schirmer | ri**@la***********.io
Topemaillist.com | Cathy Burns | ca*********@to**********.com

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