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Am I Blacklisted?

Am I Blacklisted? How Can I Find Out If My Email Is Being Blocked?

“Am I blacklisted?” “How can I find out if my email is being blocked?” These are common, frustrating, and perplexing questions. Often people want to know whether their email server (the computer from which their email is sent) is listed on a blacklist (sometimes known as a “blocklist”), and that is a good place to start.

But how do you find out whether your email is being blocked by a blacklist or blocklist?

Shortcut: Apply for SuretyMail Email Accreditation and we’ll find your blacklistings for you, and help you clear them! It’s all included in our low monthly fee!

ISIPP has compiled a list of places where you can go to look up to determine whether your IP address or email sending domain are listed in any of the major blacklists. While we don’t endorse or promise the accuracy of any of these lists, these are some of the lists to which we ourselves may refer in troubleshooting a particular deliverability problem.

Remember, if you find that you are on a blacklist, we can help! Go here for help.

The following services allow you to check whether your IP address or domain is listed on several different blacklists (blocklists) at once:




My Email Is Being Blocked! What Do I Do?

If you find that you are listed on one of the blacklists or blocklists, and if you are sending only legitimate email for which people have given you permission to send it to them, then you’re in luck! We can help! Go here now for help.