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  • Deliver your email right to the inbox
  • Stop going to the spam folder
  • Stop users from clicking “this is spam” on your email
  • Create email that gets through the first time
  • Reach undreamed of open rates
  • Increase the profitability of your email

These secrets and more are revealed in The Email Deliverability Handbook: Getting Legitimate Email Delivered in a Spam-Filtered World, the email deliverability bible from ISIPP SuretyMail Founder & CEO, and email marketing delivery and law expert Anne P. Mitchell.

“Anne Mitchell knows more about getting email delivered than anyone else I know.. The economics of deliverability is simple.. The more mail that gets into the inbox, the more money you make. Few people understand the legal and technology aspects of email as well as Anne does, and she has condensed it into a quick and efficient read. I was very happy with my purchase, thank you Anne!”

Adrian Bye, &

You will:

  • Discover the secrets to getting in to the inbox
  • Increase your open and response rates
  • Understand what inbox providers and ISPs expect from you
  • Create campaigns that don’t get caught by spam filters
  • Learn to write email that gets delivered and opened

And we guarantee it! If your email deliverability does not increase as a result of implementing the information in this book, we will refund your full purchase price!

But don’t take our word for it! Read these testimonials from experts in the field!

This is THE email deliverability resource manual for marketers and techies to get permission based email delivered. The one and only complete best practices guide for marketers and techies on the subject of email deliverability, it contains the most complete set of email deliverability tips I’ve ever seen gathered in one place.

Tom Kulzer, CEO,


Why is my email not getting delivered” is an all too common question. If your business relies on email, it’s a question you don’t want to have to ask. “The Email Deliverability Handbook” lays out exactly what steps you need to take to make sure your email gets where you want it to go. Highly recommended!

Leo Notenboom, Publisher, Ask Leo


E-mail gone astray can spell disaster for lawyers and their clients. Attorneys, their staff and especially the I.T. departments of law firms, would do well to read and take to heart the concise information presented by a true expert in this field. The small cost will be repaid over and over. The information makes good sense and recommendations are efficient to implement.

Russell Waters, Chairman,
Practicing Attorneys Liability Management Society, Inc.,


How much would it cost you to consult with an email deliverability expert for an hour? $250 – $300 – even $400 – just for an hour! And in that time they wouldn’t even begin to be able to cover everything there is to getting optimum email deliverability. Everything you need to know.

But it’s all right here in this book.

Everything you need to achieve truly stellar delivery to the inbox!

For only $35!

Another word from Tom Kulzer, CEO of Aweber

“Hi, I’m Tom Kulzer, and I know a thing or two about email deliverability. In fact, I run one of the top email delivery monitoring services, Delivery Monitor.

I’ve personally reviewed “The Email Deliverability Handbook”, and I’m so sure that your email delivery rates are going to soar through the roof when you implement the recommendations in this book, that I offered to include a free one-month trial to our Delivery Monitor service with each copy of “The Email Deliverability Handbook” that you download from our partner, ISIPP. Now you can track the exciting rise in your deliverability rate as it happens!”

[Note: Aweber has since folded their Delivery Monitor service]

“THANK YOU for your “Email Deliverability Handbook”! It covered so much of the science of using email, in simple to understand words.”

Nancy Roebke, Executive Director, Profnet, Inc.

Get the Email Deliverability Handbook now, and you too will experience soaring email delivery and open rates before you know it! We guarantee it!

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