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White Papers and Other Papers

White Papers on Email Standards, Opt-In Practices and ROI,
and Anti-Spam Legislative Theory and Initiatives

Please note that each of these papers is in PDF format, and clicking on the link will download the PDF to your computer

“False Positives: the Baby in the Bathwater” & “Putting the Responsibility for Spam where it Belongs: The Case for Vendor Liability” Presentation by Anne P. Mitchell to APCAUCE Network Abuse Conference, Busan Korea, August, 2003

Text of McCain “Advertiser Accountability” Amendment, on which ISIPP’s Anne Mitchell advised and worked with the Senator’s office, and which was unanimously adopted and made part of S. 877, the Burns-Wyden Can Spam Act of 2003

Spam in the Enterprise: Market Problems, Needs and Trends The second of a new report series from Osterman Research, Inc.

The Case for Confirmed Opt-In: Improving the Return on Investment (ROI) for Direct Email Campaigns A white paper by Ms. Mitchell and Glow Nair, MBA