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Take Back the Net - Secure Your Computer and Sport the Grey Ribbon!

  Some of you may remember when anti-spam company Blue Security shut the doors on its controversial Blue Frog anti-spam service. While reasonable minds can and do differ over the methods used by the Blue Frog service, some calling it "innovative", some calling it "abusive", nobody can say that they weren't having an effect. In fact, they had such an impact that Blue Frog found themselves the target of a DDOS (distributed denial of service) attack orchestrated by a top spammer calling himself PharmaMaster. PharmaMaster also attacked Blue Security's blog hosting company and registrar, and, ultimately, their customers.

The attacks were brutal, and unrelenting. It has been estimated that the attacks were sent through tens of thousands of compromised computers. These compromised computers, known as "zombies" - and which when organized into a network under one entity's control are known as "botnets"- are for the most part regular PCs, owned and used by regular people. People who have no idea that someone has hijacked their computer and Internet connection.

The attacks were so intense and destructive that Blue Security's CEO was forced to conclude that for the good of the Internet, they needed to shut the service down.

A question which we must all ask ourselves is "How was one person able to cause so much destruction?" and the answer is "Because millions of people allowed him to do so - by not securing their computers."

Computers become compromised and hijacked when they are infected by worms, viruses, trojans, and spyware.

These things search out and find any computer that is ever connected to the Internet. Got a computer? Got an Internet connection? Your computer has been exposed.

The thing is, it's easy and inexpensive (even free) to protect your computer from these things, but so many people think that it can't happen to them - or that it's too complicated - or that if their computer is symptom free then it must be safe. Not so.

Thousands of compromised PCs are churning out millions of pieces of spam - right now - while you are reading this. And their owners have no idea that it's happening. Your computer may be sending spam or participating in a DDOS right now - while you are reading this. Would you know?

By securing your computer you help to shut down spammers. Because the reason that spammers can do what they do with those tens of thousands of computers is because tens of thousands of people have not secured their computer. It's as simple as that.

And the solution is at your fingertips.

Secure your computer - help shut down a spammer.

For information on how you can easily secure your computer - for free - please see this article at our corporate blog site: Take Back the Net - Secure Your Computer

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And for goodness sake, secure your computer!

Help take back the net!

"Take Back the Net" is an initiative of The Institute for Spam and Internet Public Policy (ISIPP). ISIPP is committed to helping to rid the Internet of spam and other illegal activities, and to helping people to secure their computers. Our "Take Back the Net" initiative is one way in which we're helping.