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Feedback Loop (FBL) Reports

We Take Your FBLs and Give You Just the Facts!

Spam complaints can kill your email deliverability, and get you sent to the junk folder faster than just about anything else. Even legitimate email senders get spam complaints on a regular basis, which is why ISPs now let email senders signup for their “feedback loops”, where the sender gets a copy of each “this is spam” complaint. But staying on top of those complaints, and removing the people who don’t want your email from your mailing list, can be a time consuming task. And that’s assuming that you can even find that information in the complaint!

Each ISP has a different format for the spam complaints they send you through their feedback loop system, and if you are a volume email sender it can take hours to parse through each one of those feedback loop emails, trying to figure out who complained, and what they complained about, and what their email address is to remove them from your mailing system.

Now you can let us do the heavy lifting! It’s as easy as forwarding your Feedback Loops to us! Then, instead of having to dig through hundreds of spam complaints from ISPs to find out who to unsubscribe from your mailing lists, we compile it all for you into one easy-to-read, plain English report for you every day.

Email Authentication (SPF, DMARC and DKIM) Set Up

You know that you should be publishing an SPF record, and that DKIM (formerly known as DK, for Domain Keys) and DMARC will help your deliverability with the inbox providers. But you just can’t figure out how to set them up. Never fear! We can help!

Read more about having us set up your SPF and DKIM here!

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