Do you have an Email Retention Policy? In order to protect your business, you need to have an email retention policy, an email access policy, and other email policies having to do with how you store and retain email, who has access to that email, and, of prime importance, when and how you delete email. This is the only way to protect your business, your employees, and your customers from snooping agencies, or in the event of a lawsuit or law enforcement action.

If you’re thinking “Oh, our company would never be involved in a legal action,” think again. Because subpoenas for documents (which include electronic documents like email) can be served on anybody, not just the parties to the lawsuit or criminal action.

Imagine this scenario: One of your customers or employees is getting a divorce. The “other side” wants to know how much they spent with you, or earned, or who they went on that all-hands employee trip with.

So they serve a subpoena on your company for all of that employee’s or customer’s email.

What do you do?

If, at that point, you delete all of that email, you and your company could be guilty of tampering with evidence.

The only way to protect yourself is to have sound email policies in place.

We are experts in email policies. In fact, our CEO is an email attorney who wrote part of our Federal email law. We can get you protected, for a fraction of what defending that lawsuit would cost. For more information email us at

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