Having a good email reputation isn’t enough if you aren’t compliant with all applicable laws, including CAN-SPAM, CASL, and any other laws that may apply (including laws of your own country, and countries to which you send email).

And of course if you aren’t compliant with best practices, your email reputation will suffer.

We can help you by auditing both your email setup and practices, and your legal compliance. These are two separate offerings (as often a sender needs just one or the other), but can be combined.

Get a top-to-toe email audit!

Our email system audits cover three main areas:

• The technical aspects of your email sending set-up
• Your email sending practices and policies
• Your email sending operations

More specifically the full audit includes:

Technical aspects of your email sending set-up

• DNS/rDNS Configuration
• MTA Configuration
• Authentication configuration (including SPF, DKIM, DMARC and others as appropriate)
• Suppression files
• Review header structure and settings to identify any issues that may impact delivery
• Review configuration and determine if bounce handling is compliant with ISP requirements and expectations
• Review current IP and domain usage strategy to identify any issues that may cause delivery or reputation problems
• Confirm signups at FBLs and audit the handling of complaints to identify problem customers

Your email sending practices and policies

• Review current Terms and Conditions (ToC), Terms of Service (ToS) and Privacy Policies
• Review other current acceptable use policy and any internal documents related to identifying problem customers
• Current practices for monitoring client programs
• Evaluate polices and practices for handling spam complaints
• Evaluate policies for suspension & termination of problem clients
• IP Management Strategies
• Current Reputation Monitoring Strategies

Email operations

• Client vetting & onboarding process
• Client risk threat monitoring
• Client content safeguards
• Global unsubscribe and complaint management processes
• Bounce handling, list suppression & hygiene recommendations

Audits are performed by at least two different team members, one doing the technical side audit, the other doing the policies, practices and operations side of the audit. This provides you with the very best in terms of their areas of expertise, and also means that the audit will be completed within an optimized period of time because they will be working in parallel, and communicating with you every step of the way.

The total cost for our email audit, from start to finish, is $10,000 USD. In addition, upon delivery of the report, if you would like one of the technicians to come to you onsite to help you implement our recommendations, you can add that option afterwards for $5,000 plus expenses.

Legal Compliance

A full review of legal compliance (CAN-SPAM, CASL and others as applicable) is available as a stand-alone service. This specialized legal compliance review is performed in part personally by our CEO, Anne Mitchell, who, as both an attorney who wrote part of CAN-SPAM, and as CEO of an email certification and reputation organization, is uniquely qualified to provide this review. Please contact us for legal compliance consulting rates.

For more information, or to schedule an audit, contact us here


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