As part of your Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail services we can view your email delivery stats at Hotmail and MSN. We do this via MSN’s Smart Network Data Services (SNDS) program, which allows you to view reports regarding what is happening with the email that you send to Hotmail and MSN users. In order for us to view these as well we need you to grant us access to your SNDS data.

If you have your own dedicated IP address and have not already signed up for MS SNDS, please go to this link to sign up (if you are already signed up for MS SNDS please skip to the next step):

When signing up you will need to provide them with your IP addresses, and you will need a Hotmail, Live or MSN account at which you can receive email (if you do not have one you can easily create a free account at – please do this before visiting the above link).

The first sign-up page will ask you for your IP addresses. If you have more than one, and they are consecutive, you can enter them as follows:

Let’s say that your IP addresses are through; you would enter them like this: –

If you have non-consecutive IP addresses you will need to enter them individually.

After you enter your IP addresses, the next page will show you a list of possible email addresses which may be responsible for your IP addresses. BE VERY CAREFUL as usually all but one or two of these email addresses will belong to your ISP, not you. Look at the list and find the email address in the list at which *you* can receive email, then check it and press the “Send mail to the chosen address” button.

This next step is critical: you will receive a confirmation email from “st***@ho*****.com” or a similar email address at Hotmail. Click on the confirmation link, and then *forward that same confirmation email to us* at su*****@su********.com so that we can also have access to see what is going on with the email that you send to Hotmail and other MS properties.

If you have already registered for the MSN/Hotmail SNDS program, please let us know to which email address your confirmation message was sent; it is usually either ab***@yo********.com or po********@yo********.com. We will then send a request to that email address for permission to view the data, and that request will allow you to approve access for us.

We also recommend that you sign up for the MSN/Hotmail Junk Mail Reporting Program (JMRP). This program is similar to feedback loops at other inbox providers, and lets you know when a user marks your message as spam, so that you can remove the user from your lists. You can sign up for JMRP at

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