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Institute for Social Internet Public Policy: SocketLabs Hurricane Server


Now ISIPP Accredited Senders can save up to $1000 on SocketLabs
Hurricane Server email delivery system!

Hurricane Server & SuretyMail, Synergy in Motion

Through a partnership between SocketLabs and ISIPP, horsepower and accreditation combine to produce a very powerful email delivery system with incredibly high throughput and deliverability.

Designed for Windows

Hurricane Server is the first enterprise class SMTP MTA designed specifically for ESPs and other high volume mailers centered on the Microsoft Windows platform. With sustained delivery rates over 1 million messages per hour, Hurricane Server will supercharge your high throughput marketing and transactional email applications. Hurricane Server easily integrates with existing Microsoft Windows environments.

Full Featured

Hurricane Server supports email deliverability and authentication standards such as DomainKeys / DKIM, bounce handling and open/click tracking, IP/reputation management, campaign management, greylisting optimization, a web services API, domain based traffic shaping and an AJAX enabled HTTP management/reporting console. Each server can be split into multiple virtual servers that enable companies to segregate the processing, delivery and accounting of their outbound email into different groups.


Windows developers can plug their own .Net code into Hurricane Server to handle server events in real time. Handling server events is as easy as handling a PageLoad() or OnClick() event in other .Net apps. Imagine your own .Net code handling a delivery failure event by flagging the bad address - in your own database - in real time.

Partnership with SuretyMail

As a part of our partnership with ISIPP, SuretyMail customers are eligible for a 10% discount on their first Hurricane Server license.*

Visit to schedule a demo or for more information.

*Offer only good for new SocketLabs customers on their first order. Maximum discount is $1000.

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