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SuretyMail Accreditation and Email Deliverability FAQ

FAQ for SuretyMail Email Deliverability Accreditation

1. SuretyMail, Habeas, Sender Score (formerly Bonded Sender) - Which One Should We Use?

It can be a little overwhelming and confusing trying to figure out which email accreditation or reputation service you should use. In some ways, the services are similar; in fact ISIPP's CEO and one of the architects our SuretyMail service was an original founder of Habeas.

However there are some important differences. For example, ISIPP doesn't require you to go through an audit, to sign a multi-paged contract, or to make a time commitment - something that the other services do (we also offer a money-back guarantee, something that the other services don't do).

We're also a lot less expensive. In fact, we are so much less expensive that sometimes people are confused by the difference!

For a full comparison of the three services, see why you should choose us. (Back to Top)

2. What's it Cost?

The monthly fee ranges from $10.00 per month to, at the very most, $300.00 per month. The only other cost to you is the application fee, which is $500.00. That's it. There are no hidden costs or fees associated with being accredited with SuretyMail! For more pricing information, check out our pricing schedule. (Back to Top)

3. What's My Financial Obligation?

There is no financial or time obligation. Participation in our SuretyMail Email Senders Accreditation Program is month-to-month, and there is no time commitment or obligation. This allows you to try our service with no risk, and, in fact, with our money-back guarantee. (Back to Top)

4. What is Your Money-Back Guarantee?

If at any time you decide that you are not satisfied with the results you get from participating in our SuretyMail Email Senders Accreditation Program, just let us know and we'll refund the full participation fee for that month. (Back to Top)

5. What's Involved in Setting it Up?

There is nothing you need to do to set up your accreditation other than apply, and sit back and enjoy enhanced deliverability. You don't need to do anything on your end. Your email does not have to be routed through us - in fact we don't touch your email at all. And you don't have to make any changes to your mailing programs or server. There are optional things you may want to do, but nothing that you have to do. (Back to Top)

6. Don't You Have to Audit My Email or Something?

No, we don't perform an audit of our email (let's face it, your practices and/or volume could change the very next week - why make you pay for an expensive audit which may be out-of-date before it's even tabulated?) What we care about is what you tell us on your application, and what we find when we are processing your application. (Back to Top)

7. If You Don't Touch My Email, How Does it Work?

ISPs, spam filters, and corporate mail servers check our database of SuretyMail accredited senders in real-time. Here is how it works: the ISP's incoming email server notes the IP address of a sending email server (that's your email server!) which is connecting to it, and checks it at that very moment against the IP addresses listed in our database. The presence of your IP address in our database of SuretyMail accredited senders tells that ISP, spam filter or other mail server "Hey, these are good senders."

Now, this is pretty much how all of the services - blocklist, blacklist, accreditation, and reputation - all work. The difference is that when the ISP, spam filter or other mail server checks our SuretyMail database, we don't just tell them "hey, these are good senders"! We also tell them "and here is what makes them good senders!" They not only get the information that you are accredited by SuretyMail, but they also find out - on the spot - everything you are doing right (such as your opt-in policies, whether you publish rDNS, whether you publish SPF, etc.).

All of this is done without your having to lift a finger! All you have to do is apply! (Back to Top)

8. Ok, How do I Apply? And How Long Does it Take to Get Accredited?

It takes less than five minutes to fill out our online application, and another ten minutes to provide us with the follow up information. In the vast majority of cases, once you are approved your listing will happen within 30 minutes, with nothing to do on your end but sit back and enjoy immediately improved email deliverability. (Back to Top)

Get started today! Apply now!

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