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ISIPP SuretyMail Testimonials

Our Customers
Love the Benefits
of Being SuretyMail Accredited!


"You have done WONDERS for delivery rates for one of our main clients. Open rates have at least doubled and in some cases tripled""

- John Brogan, CEO, Global IntelliSystems,

"Because our customers are sending rich media to the inbox, it is critical that we be able to let ISPs know that this is legitimate, requested email. ISIPP's SuretyMail program allows us to do that with the highest degree of deliverability for the least amount of hassle."

-- Wade Weston, Founder, AttainResponse

"In today's email delivery market, it's important to be able to let the ISPs and spam filters know that you and your customers are the good guys. Having your email erroneously blocked as "spam" can have a serious impact on everyone's bottom line. Our business relies on being able to deliver our customer's email to the inbox, and ISIPP's SuretyMail accreditation has helped us to achieve superlative delivery rates. Since signing up with SuretyMail we have never had a problem delivering to any major ISP or through any major spam filter, and when a problem does crop up, ISIPP's reputation in the industry has helped to fix the problem quickly and with minimal interruption to our email delivery.

If you are an email sender, you need to be in the ISIPP SuretyMail program."

-- Joseph Tyler, CEO/President, Informz Email Marketing Solutions


"As a responsible email sender it is very important for us to deliver our messages to mailing lists of our 500,000+ customers.

Unlike regular whitelists, SuretyMail enables us to share specific information about our email marketing practices with email receivers, resulting in better email deliverability, higher customer satisfaction and increased profitability.

SuretyMail takes the permission-based email to the next level and I wholeheartedly recommend it to every email marketer on the Internet."

-- Simon Grabowski, CEO,


"The ongoing 'spam wars' have a side effect: 'friendly fire' casualties in the form of legitimate mail getting improperly blocked by over-zealous filtering. Verified opt-in mail, even mail the recipients paid to get, is being lost in alarming percentages. Mailer certification programs help legitimate mail get through, significantly reducing customer complaints. I rely on SuretyMail to help my 120,000+ customers get the newsletters they asked for."

-- Randy Cassingham, Publisher, &


"ISIPP's SuretyMail accreditation is an integral step in ensuring that requested opt-in email is delivered to recipients at major ISPs.

As a responsible email service provider, making sure our policies and procedures are known to not only our customers, but the ISPs receiving the email, prevents false positives from spam filters and provides consistent inbox email deliverability."

-- Tom Kulzer, CEO & Founder, AWeber Communications

Receivers Love Us Too!...

"Outblaze supports ISIPP's SuretyMail database because it gives us factual and reliable information about senders. Information such as whether a sending site publishes SPF records and whether it is personally known to ISIPP as a responsible sender that maintains and furthers best current practices. SuretyMail is a convenient tool that helps us make decisions about accepting and processing email from senders who are vouched for as responsible mailing list operators."

-- Suresh Ramasubramanian, Security and Antispam Operations Manager, Outblaze


"Having SuretyMail provide information about whether a sender publishes SPF records is an important new direction for DNS-based email delivery information databases, and we're very pleased that ISIPP has chosen to do this, and happy to work with them in providing unique SuretyMail accreditation codes for SPF publishers. It is exactly this sort of cross-industry pollination which is going to help make sure that legitimate email gets delivered and that fraudulent email does not."

-- Meng Weng Wong, Founder, POBox, and Chief Developer, SPF

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