If your business provides deliverability services for your customers, being able to have your customers included on the Good Senders List (GSL) makes your offering a truly full-service deliverability solution. (Sidenote: Did you know that our CEO, Anne Mitchell, is the person who coined the term ‘deliverability’? And she founded ISIPP SuretyMail as the original email deliverability company, in 2003; our Good Senders List has been in use by the ISPs, inbox providers, and spam filters around the world continuously for nearly 20 years. We are also very proud of the fact that not only are we baked into Spam Assassin, but that being on the GLS provides the highest positve score in Spam Assassin.)

As you may already know, the GSL is one of only two comprehensive real-time, DNS-based email reputation certification lists in the world (the other being Validity’s – previously known as Return Path). This means that when you get your customers placed on the GSL you are giving them access to an exclusive resource that boosts them out of the spam folder, and increases their delivery to the inbox, which in turn will also boost their open rates.

This also means that getting your customers on the Good Senders List gives your business a competitive edge, because other than us and Validity, no other deliverability service maintains a comprehensive email reputation certification list that is used by the inbox providers and spam filters, so when your business offers access to the Good Senders List through your own deliverability services you get an edge over services which do not offer such access.

Sampling of Real Reviews

ISIPP SuretyMail reviews July 2022

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How it Works

It starts with our creating a custom version of our application request form just for you, which you fill out on behalf of your customer. This way your customer knows that it is you who are gaining them this access, rather than your customer communicating directly with us. This also confirms to your customer that it is you who are assisting them with deliverability, and you don’t have to worry about your customer trying to jump to us for deliverability services.

This is what the customized form looks like:

Sample customized application request form for your company

The submission of the application request form will trigger our emailing to you (not your customer) our application, which you can fill out on behalf of your customer, or you can choose to have your customer fill it out, and then you will email the filled-out application back to us.

Once we have processed the application, and confirmed that we are able to certify your customer, we will add them to the Good Senders List.


The application fee is $500 (just like for our full service customers).

Once approved for inclusion on the Good Senders List the monthly fee to your customer is $149 (which is half of what our full service customers pay). Listing on the GSL is month-to-month, with no contractual obligation.

Contact us now if you would like to discuss being able to offer your customers the benefit of being listed on the Good Senders List! You can contact us here.

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