Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail


The TLDR Overview

Put in very simple terms, what we do for you at Get to the Inbox is:

1. We put you on our Good Senders List (GSL) which the inbox providers check to make sure you are a good sender, so that they know to deliver the email you send into the inbox and not the spam folder.

2. We help you tune up and fine tune how you are sending your email (email marketing and other email) and your email sending strategies to help further ensure that your email goes to the inbox and not the spam folder, and to boost your open rates.

3. If you are having problems getting to the inbox with a particular inbox provider, we go to bat for you directly with that inbox provider.

4. We help you troubleshoot and fix any technical, content, or strategy issues that may be causing your email and email marketing to not achieve maximum impact.

All of this is included in our all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat, no-contract month-to-month rate, which includes our money-back guarantee!