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Welcome to the Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail Partner Program

Welcome to the Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail Partner Program! We are excited about partnering with you! Here are a few resources to get you started; after reading this, if you have any questions just reach out to us at!


Our pricing is simple and straightforward, all levels of services are exactly the same (only the price point changes) and include our all-inclusive, all-you-can-eat email deliverability services and assistance, and, if they have their own dedicated IP address, also includes email IP reputation certification (i.e. “the Good Senders List™ (GSL™)”).

All businesses other than these outlined below pay a $500 application fee, and a $299 a month service fee:

Small businesses pay $149 a month, plus an application fee of $249.
Email Service Providers (ESPs) pay $499 a month, plus a $500 application fee.
Non-profits pay $97.00 a month, plus a $500 application fee.

Our pricing page is here.

For you to know: The application fee doesn’t actually cover our cost to process the application, but we feel that we just can’t charge more than that. If we find that we cannot accept an applicant into the program we will refund their application fee.

How it Works

You have the choice, with each referral, of either offering them a $100 discount on the application fee, or of receiving a $100 “thank you for the referral” payment.

If you choose to offer them the discount, you simply give them your referral code, and then give them the special link to pay their application fee under the partner program, both of which you will receive from us by email.

If you choose to receive the ‘thank you for the referral’ payment, you will receive that once they have been accepted into the program and have paid their first month’s payment. It takes about 2 weeks on average for us to complete the background check, onboard a new customer, and receive their first month’s payment. Partner payments go out on Friday through Paypal.

For you to know: In order to qualify for Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail services, an email sender must either already be following best email practices (including that any mailing list to which they are sending email must have been been built with at least permission-based opt-in, if not confirmed (double) opt-in), or they must have a sincere desire to start using such best practices and need help getting there.

Partner Content

When you are accepted as a Get to the Inbox by SuretyMail partner, you may indicate that you are a partner on your website, in your email, on social media, and wherever else you share information about your business. You can also be listed, with contact information, on our partners page (if you would like to be listed on our partners page please email with the name of your business, your own name, and the contact information for your business, along with a one-sentence description of the services that you offer).

Please also feel free to grab this image to display on your website:

we are a trusted get to the inbox partner


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